Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kedah Trip - Day 3

Sorry for not updating for so long. I have been busy teaching part time and travelling around and... hmm..what else arr? I dunno lah but my holidays had seem to be very busy and I haven't had enough time to rest and do all the things that I had wanted to do.
So anyway, before I digress further. This is about Day Three of the Kedah trip: We went to Langkawi.

We left Sungai Petani at around 6 in the morning so as to be able to catch the first ferry to Langkawi. We were able to reach the jetty around 630 in the morning, in time to catch the first ferry. When we reached Langkawi Island, we rented a van and went to a hotspring. There we were snapping photographs happily...

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After the hotspring, we went to the Black Sand Beach which seemed to us looked very dirty and sad. But we snapped photographs anyway...hehe...

Give me your hand!

After a rather pathetic lunch we went to the cultural village in Langkawi Island to go on the cable car. We brought rain everywhere with us and we could not see much of the view.

When the sun came out of hiding again, we went to a waterfall and took many nice photographs there.

Beautiful day, beautiful girls...and a guy. :P

After that, we went on a hike of 400+ steps to take a look at the famed Tujuh Telaga. I nearly fainted halfway through because Brian wanted to keep going. I ended up climbing up the torturous stairs with Hwa Cheat and her mother. We persevered and forced ourselves to take another step. We felt triumphant when we finally reached the "top". And what a surprise when we were there! There was not a well to be seen!!! We were supposed to look at the "whirlpool-like" things under the running river! To me as a tourist, I felt cheated! VERY cheated! But what the heck, take photographs only! :P

600+ steps altogether.

Me nearly dying half-way up to see Tujuh Telaga.

See what? Where? Never mind...take photograph anywhere only...
When we finally hiked back down, we were all quite exhausted. So we checked in to our hotel (I forget the name) and rested for a while. Brian and I decided that we would go to the beach and when we saw MeiJu and YiLoon take a swim in the sea, we jumped in too.

I love doing the twist in the beach.

After that very refreshing rest, we went to hunt for food. Glorious seafood! Didn't take any photographs because we were famished and couldn't be bothered! Haha... What is a visit to Langkawi without shopping at the duty free shops? We shopped ourselves broke and still wanted to buy some more. Hehehe...

Then, it was the obligatory visit to the Eagle Square which was great if my camera could take better photographs at night. After a long night, we were all mentally and physically tired. So off to the beach we went for a beer and some chips. Ahhh...that was life... Reluctantly, we returned to the room and got some sleep to prepare for another full day tomorrow...