Friday, March 30, 2007

Telawi Street Bistro

Ok, here are some poor-quality photographs which I took with my phone again. This time, it was taken when Brian took me to a pub in Bangsar for the first time! The idea of going to a pub in Bangsar had always given me the impression of hip-ness and happening-ness. Well, what can I say? For a girl who had never been to a pub, and who had grown up thinking that happening kids hang out in Bangsar, drinking their heads silly all the time...Ok la...let's just say that I am an innocent and naive girl la, k? :P

So, anyway, Brian took me to Telawi Street Bistro, which is one of the more popular pubs there, I think. I was very excited before we got there, but after stepping into TSB, I realised that there's nothing to be excited about. It's just like any other restaurants or cafe, except that it is dimmed and has high stools and a bar in the middle. Erm...and it serves a lot of alcoholic drinks with exorbitant prices. Oh...and the sky or fruit juice is even more expensive than the alcoholic drinks! Anything else...erm..nah...

Well, as it was my first time in a pub and I don't know much about liquor except for red wine, champagne and Bailey's, Brian recommended me to have a shooter. I had never heard of a shooter before. Basically, it is a small shot of a combination of liquor. I forget the name of the shooter that I had, but it was a combination of kahlua, Bailey's and some other stuff. So, you are supposed to take the whole thing at one go or something. Whether or not you are supposed to do it that way, I drank the whole shot at a go, and boy did it burn! Blegh...*cough, cough*

I must have been thirsty or something because after that shooter, I had a bit of Brian's beer AND I ordered a cocktail, which tasted quite OK. Besides drinking like a fish, we also ordered fried calamari rings. Anyway, I am not a drinker. My face felt warm minutes after I finished my shooter and the whole place seemed to be floating (probably why Brian insists that I only drink when he or my family members are around). Haha...

So, these are the pictures of the stuff that we ordered:

My Shooter

My Cocktail

I don't remember ordering this, must be Brian's.

Brian's beer which I drank to wash down the shooter! Yeah...kinda dumb of me.

The yummy fried calamari rings.

So, my say on that place? Cool..but a tad expensive. Drinks are also much better than Rum Jungle, which reminds me: GIRLS, RUM JUNGLE IS SO NOT A CLUB! Those who convinced us long, long ago that they were happening because they hung out at clubs such as Rum Jungle are SO lame. We could have told them that we hung out in Secret Recipe and convinced them that we were chic too. Haha...which, of course we are! ;P I'll bring you girls out to a nice place, then we can go and show off, k? Hehe...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lazy Bug Syndrome

Note: Sorry la...didn't think that it would be difficult to read without paragraphs. Hehe...there you go!

Yes, people...I've been infected with the horror of all horrors, the disease of all diseases: the Lazy Bug Syndrome!! Oh nooooo!!! *B: Cue the psycho music* Hehehe...

*sigh* Ya's almost the end of the semester already, what to do? Let's see how many classes I've missed this week alone, 1, 2, 3! Yay...not that bad also la, right? Considering the fact that I hardly miss any classes, 3 classes in a week is not that bad la! :P

The thing is, the Malaysian tertiary education is really a killer. My ex-room mate who is a Japanese complained that studying in Malaysia is very stressful because of the many weekly tasks, presentations and assignments, and also the tests and examinations! She told me that in Japan, they work hard to get into a University and then it's a breeze for them, as they only have an examination at the end of the term.

My current roomie (a Korean) also said that they only have an assignment per subject and an examination at the end of the term in Korea. In Malaysia? Just count...even in colleges, I think there are plenty of assignments. See, this semester, I am taking 7 subjects. Excluding TITAS and my 2 credit hour elective course, I have 5 subjects which have an average of 2.5 assignments each. And that is excluding the weekly and mini-tasks, and examination at the end of the semester! Crazy right? I don't even know how am I going to survive my final semester where I would have to take 7 subjects again but no light subjects like TITAS or my current 2 credit hour course!

And you wondered why Malaysian students are always doing last minute work? That is because with all the mini-tasks and what-nots, we do not have the time to do our assignments! Many people told me that their University life was the best time of their lives...I wondered if their Uni life was in Malaysia. Like I mentioned in one of my old posts, I could only see my elder brother and eldest sister who studied overseas enjoying their Uni life. My dearest sister who studied in MMU had no life at all and me? well, you can say that I'd rather not think about my Uni of M days after I graduate!

Back to my point of being infected with the very serious disease, I hope it goes away soon because I have 2 more assignments due next week, another due the week after and exams coming soon! Oh NOOOOO... I think I'd better go take a nap to calm myself down now. Ahaks! >.<

Good luck in your coming examinations, Malaysian undergraduates!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Random complaints

The last few weeks have been crazy! I've never been fond of group work, but that seems to be the preferred working method for University lecturers! This one, group work...that one pair work...*sigh*. If we were able to choose our own group members, I wouldn't be so annoyed. I just had one of the worst experiences with group work ever! First, my notorious group mate did not turn up for a class which we might have very well been chosen to present, then my other group mate was late for our presentation! Not only that, my presentation was like $hit because I jumbled up my points mid-way through. *SIGH* Can't wait to graduate and leave all these group work and presentation behind me!
Speaking of which, many of my friends have graduated or would be graduating this year. Looking at their situation now, I can't really say I envy them. Those who are working are earning peanuts (haha...sorry la, but am just writing down what you yourself told me); those who haven't graduated are already worrying that they wouldn't be able to secure a job. Life sux, doesn't it?
Can't wait for the two months' break and for the Australia trip!! Yay....Brian, Willie and I have finally confirmed our trip to Aussie in June! It's burning a hole in my pocket (and I am likely to be singing in the tunnel in KLCC to earn extra income soon!) but it is something that I have always wanted to do before I get bogged down by work. Will update about it later. For the time being, it's back to doing my group assignment! *SIGH*

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fowl Words

As mentioned in the previous post, simple and non-thinking games are the type of games that I like best. A coursemate of mine mentioned this game as one that can help develop language skills in children. I found it and played for 5 hours. Currently, I can't go past level 12. I'm aiming to pass level 20 and then I'll find another game to play. There are so many free games that are interesting. I just wish that I can sit in front of the computer and play the whole day. Hehehe...
Hmm...don't know why the html cannot be displayed here. So, I'm giving you the link to play the game Fowl Words. Hehe...have fun!

Meme: A to Z of Me

Yay! For the first time, I got Tagged! Haha...pathetic, I know, but I've never been tagged on a blog before! So excited! Hehe...thanks Willie! :P
Anyway, this is the Meme: A to Z of Me

A is for age
I am 23 (my actual age), 30+ (my appearance) and 40+ (my health) hahaha...

B is for booze of choice
Can't drink much coz I get drunk SO very easily. But I love Bailey's!

C is for career
Full time complainer and nagger, part time undergraduate.

D is for your most dreaded
Any one of my pet dying or goes missing...dreading the day when Baby (9+ years) needs to go to Doggie Heaven... =(

E is for essential item you use everyday
a) toothbrush
b) comb
c) handphone
d) spectacles

Hahaha...seriously, aren't they essential for everyone everyday? =P

F is for favorite song at the moment
Gosh...haven't listened to any song lately. All time favourite got a lot la - Selena's Dreaming of You, a lot of Mariah Carey's, a lot of songs from between the years 1940s to 1960s, a lot of songs from 1990s...erm...a lot of songs which I've performed (ceh ceh ceh...)

G is for favorite games
I get addicted very easily. Simple games which do not require thinking are the best! Refer to the next post.

H is for Hometown
Born and bred in Rawang!!

I is for indulgence
FOOD!! Not good for the waistline and health but what the heck!

J is for favorite flavor of juice

K is for kids
Don't really like or want any but might have to have at least 1 in the future

L is for last hug from husband
No husband yet.Boyfriend got laa...last hug from him was probably 2 hours ago...

M is for years of marriage
Not married yet laa...

N is for name of your crush
Oooohhhh...if I'm honest at this, I'm going to be killed by my boy boy. Hahaha! But then he knows who's my love. Hehe...crush is not permanent one ma, right?And most people who know me knows who the fella/crush is (*hint: L?). Hahaha!

O is for overnight hospital
None...thank goodness!

P is for phobias
Not what I'd call a phobia but I dislike crowded areas.

Q is for quote exchange that will stay forever in my head:
"Let me help you with that..."
"Oh, that's so sweet!"


R is for biggest regret
A lot of regrets but don't know which one is the biggest. Anyway, it is in the past, so I will not give much thought to which is the biggest regret.

S is for marital status
Single but not available

T is for time you wake up
Weekdays between 6:15 a.m. to 7 a.m., weekends between 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

U is for underwear
Clean ones! =D

V is for vegetable you love
Kangkung, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, watercress, carrot, tomato, etc. as long as it doesn't have a strong taste e.g. kuchai, leafy part of celery (ewww)

W is for worst habits
Procrastinating, sleeping a lot, eating a lot, love to shop for unnecessary things and being lazy

X is for x-rays you've had
Twice. Both for application for tertiary education: teacher's training college (Institut Perguruan Ilmu Khas) and University of Malaya

Y is for yummy food you make
Maggi mee! Hong Sifu mee! Erm...pan mee's dough! Ok, so I don't cook much. U blow? =P

Z is for zodiac sign
Aquarius: The whole world is wrong. I am right. Hahaha...

So now, I'd like to tag:
1. Brian
2. Melwin
3. Adrian
4. Jho Yan
5. Collin

Come on la you guys! Update!! =P

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Viet Passion in Raja Chulan Square

I've had wanted to post these photographs for a long time, but I kept forgetting. Nothing much, just some which I took with my lousy Nokia 6111 cameraphone. Brian and I would sometimes indulge ourselves and have dinner in places which we've not been to before. Sometimes, if I remember, I'd take photographs of the food or drinks which we (or I) have not seen or tried before BEFORE we have dug in. are some interesting food/drink photographs in Viet Passion in Raja Chulan Square. It says Vietnamese Fine Dining. It has a nice ambience and decor but give me the food from the hawker stalls in SS2 anytime:

Sorry for the low quality photograph. You can see the bar at the far end and the emptiness of the restaurant at 7+ p.m. on a weekday.

The rice dish that was recommended. I don't remember what the dish is called though coz we had it a couple of months ago. But...since I don't recommend the place anyway, so I won't bother with knowing the name of the dish if I were you. :P

The drink that I had was full of little seeds that look like frog's eggs. Looks nice but taste erm...unique.

This was the appetizer that we had. Looks good and tasted not too bad either. But I don't know what vegetable they put in the roll of white thing but it tasted bad.

I don't remember which dish this came with, but I think we were supposed to wrap it with one of the appetizers. There were some mint leaves and don't-know-whats. Hehe...Looks nice though, don't you think?

This is all for the time being. Need to ask Brian to help me transfer some more photographs from my phone to the computer. Next set of photographs would probably be posted in a few months' time. For the time being, enjoy the photographs of good-looking but not very good-tasting food!! Hehehe...have fun!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Pulau Ketam

Ok, this post should have been up a long time ago but I didn't have the time:

9 pretty lasses decided to go to Pulau Ketam to have a big meal of seafood last 28th February. We had wanted to go early in the morning so that we would be back in time for a class at 230 p.m. but we were a bit delayed because of the inefficiency of the clerks in a certain world's top 200 University *hint*. So, we only left for Pulau Ketam at about 11 a.m.

The way to Pulau Ketam was slightly torturous because most of us had not have our breakfasts and we were planning and imagining what to order the moment we arrived. Alas! When we arrived at the port, we had to wait for about 20 minutes before the boat started. And it took us about half an hour to reach Pulau Ketam. We asked a couple of people at the port and the boat for recommendation for a good restaurant to eat it and both directed us to the same restaurant.

The child-like scrawl of mine posing as the planned menu for the day.

A bunch of excited pretty girls in the boat at Post Klang.

The chosen restaurant for the day.

Too bad the restaurant did not have a wide variety of cooking styles (probably due to the fact that the cooks were 2 middle-aged women) but the food was still superb. We had 9 dishes and the bill came up to less than RM 240!! Where can you get seafood this cheap on the mainland, I ask you?

Nothing better than having a glass of beer after a big meal of seafood with good friends.

Mei Ju with her tower of shell crabs. Hehehe...big eater!

So anyway, after the sumptious meal, the 6 of us who had decided to skip class for the day went walking around the small fishing village and camwhore. ;P After an hour and a half, we decided to head home. Those who might be interested in going might want to know that the last boat to leave Pulau Ketam is at 530 p.m. If you miss the boat, you would have to stay the night. The boats leave at a 45 minute interval.

It was a great day. Missed going out and having fun with a bunch of girl friends at the spur of the moment! Next stop, Kuala Selangor, girls? Hehehe...luv ya gals!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The old, old couple =P

Ok, since William and Mae have been declaring their love on their blogs, Brian and I decided that we also want a share of the sweet romantic feeling. where do I start? Erm...ok, Brian did write about it a long time ago...and I don't know why I haven't done so yet. Hahaha...guess it was because I am a true-blue procrastinator! ;P Anyway....
Sweetheart, this post is dedicated to you: Thank you for your love and patience. I may not be the easiest person to be with, but just remember that

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Chinese New Year resolution

Chinese New Year came and went by so quickly. Nothing much to say about it except that I got extra money from my dearest sister for my birthday which fell on the Chinese New Year eve this year! Yay!! Where can you find this kind of sweet sister, I ask you? Hehehe...
So, anyway, like last year, I would post my Chinese New Year Resolution on my blog and hope that I can at least fulfill some of it this year. I couldn't even fulfill even one of my five resolutions last year *sigh*. So here goes:

1. Try to eat right, sleep right and exercise more
Hmmm..ok, so this is 3 resolutions in one, but my ultimate aim is to lead a healthier life. Yup, some of my friends would know that even though I'm only in my early 20s, I have the health of a 40+ year old. Not to mention that I am at risk of getting hereditary, to prevent my death before I even hit 30, I'd try to lessen my fast food intake, sleep moderately and exercise more. Oh, and for those of you who eat fast food often, try getting your cholesterol level checked, because you may just find yourself being at risk of having an artery blockage! It is a silent killer and it is actually rather common for young people to have a very high cholesterol level.

2. Lose weight
Related to the above, I am actually 5 kilograms overweight by doctor's standard and at least 10 kilograms overweight by beauty standards. I'm planning to lose only 5 kilos. Skinny people can stop saying that you are fat in front of me, k?

3. Donate blood again
I went to donate blood for the first time in Nov 22, 2006. Even though I nearly fainted, I felt good after that. Just want to ask doctors-to-be: if my cholesterol level is very high (like 160, forget what unit the Malaysian lab use) but am not taking medication (YET), will I be risking the life of the person who receives my blood? Hmmm...

4. Save money
Ok, I didn't save much last year. And my aim was to have at least 5 digits in my account before I am 25. Looks like it's still a very long way to go! Ok, I'll lower my aim for this year: I'll save 10% of my monthly allowance.

5. Stop procrastinating
Hehehe...this year, this is way down the list. I promise that I'll try to start doing my work at least 2 weeks before the die (due) date. Hehehe...

I'm not aiming for much, just these 5 for the Pig year. Can I do it? I'll try to fulfill at least the first one. Dying of heart attack at 40 doesn't sound appealing to me. Haha...
Wish me luck...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Chinese New Year Day 3

It used to be a tradition for a bunch of us to go Ang Pow Hunting come Chinese New Year. I think the tradition started with those of us who went to Mdm Lau's Mandarin tuition class back when we were in Primary 5 or 6. The group grew bigger when we entered secondary school and started to invite friends from other SRKs (national schools). Being the unofficial leader of the group, I never did invite or offer to join the chinese-medium school students in our quest for more ang pows. Hehehe...yeah...I'm biased but I felt more comfortable in my bunch of friends who can switch from cantonese to mandarin to english to malay comfortably. =P
So, anyway, our group would normally start early in the morning in Country Homes where about 3 of our "members" lived (Szet Li, Kim Kun, Han Wee and occasionally Khai Yan). In every house that we visit, we would eat junk food and drink canned drinks for about half an hour and then move to the next place. Sometimes, we would visit other friends who live in the area or show up unannounced. Hehehe...
Since we didn't drive back then, my mother, my sis and my neighbour would have to drive the 13-16 of us to Taman Garing where me and Jun June live. By that time, it would be noon. After our place, we would be chauffeured to Green Park where William, Hooi Wen, Chin Guan and Sophia, Lay Choo and Chee Han live. And by the end of the day, we would be about RM 20 richer and happy but tired. For 2 years I think, we had steamboat in Chee Han's place at the end of the day. Ahh~ those were the days. I do not have the pictures to show because my best friend has not given me the copies yet. (!!)
The last of these group visiting days for me was in Form 5. After that, the group members just went their own ways. Occasionally, my best friend would drag me along to a few people's house and that's it.
This year however, the idea of having another group gathering struck us. Most of our friends took extra off days from Uni and would still be around town. So, my mother offered to (ask the maid to) make lunch and since we all drive now, we do not have to start early in the morning. We started at 130 p.m. (almost 2 p.m.) with about 11 people (1 new face to me, 1 Chindian, 1 Purtuguese/Chinese, and 1 Indian- having non-Chinese is a first in our ang pow hunting group). Of the original 12 ex-SRK pupils-only group, only 4 turned up that day. Others were busy or were not at home.
Even so, it was fun to have that gathering. People whom have not met the other for at least 3 years, gathering at one place, eating, drinking and talking together. There were awkward silences but luckily Collin can talk about anything! Haha..thanks, man! And not forgetting William who is the King of Craps (that's a compliment, ok?) =P. Even my parents who prefer quiet and calm enjoyed the din that my group of friends were causing! Hahaha...
I truly enjoyed myself that day. It was a very nice feeling to be among old friends again. I doubt that there would be more opportunities for these kinds of gathering once we start working. Maybe we should do it again next year. Perhaps then, we can start collecting ang pow from our own friends instead! ;P Chee Han, we're counting on you!