Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dog license (I)

So, all was busy with the Land of Dogs.

On Sunday, Jimmy and I went back to Rawang to have a gathering with my family and my sister's family from Singapore. Before we returned to KL, we took a photo of the two dogs (but Charlie kay-pohed and was running around). Taking a photo of Baby was a breeze albeit Charlie was also in a few of the photos because he was excited, so we had to take a couple of shots of Baby minus Charlie.

1st attempt to take a photo of Baby...Charlie is in the picture.

2nd attempt of taking Baby's photo. She was following me everywhere so I had to make her lie down first before taking her photo. (And of course, ask Charlie to get into the house.)

Taking a photo of Hunter was not as easy. He is truly hyperactive. And in the process of taking his photo, Jimmy got scratched and I got scolded for being slow. Let's take a look at the few attempts:

I was too slow to press the button, so he moved out of the frame.

He was sitting before this, and by the time the image is captured...well, this is it.

I squatted down to take a photo of him. He tried to jump on me and Charlie looking on blur-ly.

Sent Charlie and Jimmy into the house. Asked Hunter to sit and took a photo of him FINALLY. And if you notice, his eyes have an unfocussed look. crazy dog.

So, it was with the photos ready and all photocopied documents ready that I took them both to be vaccinated. Phew...was it a chore! Baby was all right. But Hunter was definitely more than a handful. He was so hyper that he moved around like a crazy dog and scared everyone at the vet's. When it was his turn for his vaccination, it was as though we were trying to kill him! I was trying to put on a muzzle on him and he was so scared that he rolled, growled (so the vet's assistant was scared and left me to it), shat and peed at the same time. So, there I was being scratched by him, while trying to calm him down, in his pee and poop. The vet looked at the situation and zoomed in from behind and gave him his shot (I wonder now why the vet didn't come in earlier...hmm...)

Hunter just doesn't trust me. It's probably because I don't spend enough time with him. With the mother, I could just hold her and she'd calm down. This fella was hysterical! I got scratched on my left arm mostly and one long scratch from my neck to my chest area. My silver necklace broke when he scratched me at my neck.

With the vet's card in hand, I quickly went home to change into a long-sleeved shirt to cover the scratches and rushed to the City Council branch in Rawang at 3:45 p.m. to get the license but..."kena ambik kat Selayang la, dik"... =_______="

So, after dinner, while every one was joking that I might have rabies and start biting the kids, the angry welts on my arm became swollen and one wound in particular developed a slight dark circle around it. My mom rushed me to the clinic and I got a tetanus shot. Sigh...what a day...and the license has not been obtained...

(to be continued)