Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Aunty or leng lui?

Yay...my 100th post is also my 1st in 2009. Too soon, another year has passed. Worst part of the new year? I feel I have not achieved much. I cannot believe it, 2009 means that I am going to be a quarter of a century old soon! Quarter of a century...geez that sounds OLD!

It's ironic, isn't it? I FEEL and LOOK old yet when I hear that eerie phrase "quarter of a century old", I cringe. Sigh...I'm tired of the loud and disbelieving exclamations of "You are only 24?!" Yes, I may look old but you don't have to be so insensitive ma, right?

Recently, I got into the habit of turning away from people whom I know will make nasty comments on how I look. Unfortunately, I cannot do it to those whom I have just met and are rude enough to comment negatively on another stranger. Perhaps the most disheartening comments come from the supposedly most honest and innocent bunch, which are the children. I thought I have become numb to the "honour" of being called an "Aunty/ Mak Cik" by younger children. Unfortunately, the insecurity of looking much less than perfect and the frequency of being seen as older than my age may sometimes make me feel ...
Well, as the saying goes, "Tomorrow is another new day". I probably cannot change even a single moment of the past, but I can try to change for a better future. "Aunty" is going to be "Jiejie" at the age of 25! Hahaha... Just as I told my colleagues this morning about my teaching principles (which I think really doesn't work in primary schools, so Mel...don't bother respecting those kids), the square peg is going to have to force itself to be round. =)
The blog post may seem disconnected because the first three paragraphs were written early in January and the final paragraph was only written just now. Hahaha...til the next post...take care!