Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dreading THE day...

Dear all,
Meet Hunter. I was browsing at my photos and I realised that I have not uploaded this photo from a few months ago. And sad to say, this is the only photo I have of that crazy dog because he wouldn't stop moving/twitching/howling when he saw me. He looks beautiful especially when he is running. Jimmy sometimes gets imaginative and says that it is so touching to see Hunter run towards me from very far away when he hears me call his name (ala long-lost Lassie with its owner)...until Hunter crashes so hard into me and then runs away again. LOL.

I am suddenly saddened by the thought that his mother, Baby, might not be with us for long. I just found out that her brother from the same litter suddenly died 4 days ago. Her health has deteriorated rapidly since the beginning of this year. And as you can see from the photo, she has cataract in one eye. Jimmy and myself noticed that in the past two weeks that she may be almost completely blind now as she bangs her head against our legs and follows us everywhere that way. =(

I really can't bear knowing that she may have to leave me soon. My companion for 12 years. I really wouldn't know what to do if I receive the heart-breaking news. God, please, let her be with us for at least another few years. Or, let her leave the world peacefully without much suffering.

Argh...I don't know! I want her to be with me but it is sad to see that she is no longer herself! do you deal with this kind of loss, or this kind of dread? My family can't understand my feelings. Of course, they love her (as much as they could love a dog). But to them, a dog is just that...a dog. SIGH...

I love you a lot, Baby. I hope you know that even though there are two other dogs around, I still love you best...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spare the rod, spoil the child

Oops...sorry readers. The blurry photo actually showed the child writing "bite god" as one of the vegetables that he knows. Now, can you guess what vegetable is that? :)

Anyway, something disheartening happened in school this morning. The school piano was obviously vandalised and the discipline master managed to find the culprits. So, the parents of 5 children were called to school. All the parents denied that their child had done anything wrong eventhough the children have admitted that they used sticks to bang on the piano keys (and they could still afford to snigger when they were telling the discipline master how they spoiled the piano! Too bad their parents did not witness the admission ).

One parent said that it wasn't the child's fault if he was a bit too rough while playing the piano: if the school had left it in the hall, it was meant to be used by the students!

One parent said that it was the school's fault for not locking up the hall. Erm...ok, this one maybe can accept la. But your kids are not supposed to be in the school already at that hour. The hall is open for the afternoon session students to use, ok?

One parent said that the child was very remorseful when he went home as  he had witnessed his friends vandalising the piano. So, obviously, as a witness, he shouldn't be held responsible for the payment for the repairs. Oh, and the parent shouted at the senior assistant for telling his/her child that the school would report the case to the police, making the child too frightened to go to school. Hmm...

I forget if the other parent said anything (as 5 children are involved) but the classic retort of a parent is this:
It is the guard's fault for not realising that the kids had climbed over the wall to get into the school after school hours. It is the school's fault for leaving the hall open. A damaged piano is of small matter. If his child had injured himself in the school premise (by climbing over the wall, mind you), he would sue the school and everyone in it!

Whoa....B-R-A-V-O parent! You have succeeded in turning your child into a gangster and a nuisance to the community!

Sigh...just another day of a teacher's life. Let's take a look at another classic work of a child:
Have a great day! :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Back from the busy days has been a while since I last updated my blog. I really don't know how did time fly by so fast. I was swamped with work because I am teaching 3 Year 6 classes this year. Before I knew it, the UPSR is over and I had to deal with other work such as my university assignments and erm...spending money. LOL

So what has gone on? Well, there is the arrival of my darling niece. Meet Anabelle. Isn't she adorable? She's only a few weeks old and she has stolen the hearts of all who have seen her. She does the cutest things: not suck when her mummy gives her plain water to rinse her mouth after milk, smile and coo when you talk to her, calls for you when she knows that your attention is not on her etc etc. Ahyi loves you a lot!

And then here's something funny to share with you. Look at number 7 and guess what vegetable is the child trying to write. :) Have a great weekend ahead.