Thursday, May 31, 2007

Aussie trip!!

Dear all,
Sorry for not updating regularly. I've been so busy the past 2 weeks with I don't know what that time flew by just like that. Before I can settle back into my routine and go for my sewing lessons again (YES, am planning to continue exploring my talent in that area), it's almost time to go to Australia. Phew...we've been dumping money into this trip as though there's no tomorrow (and there likely isn't any if we continue doing to survive without money when we get back??). Ya laa...all my fault lor. So far, if we look back, I've been the one responsible getting us into this money-sucking trip. And I've been a sucker enough to allow more siphoning of money out of us because of lack of deeper consideration. *SIGH* What to do? I have always been a 'decide-then-and-buy-immediately' kind of a person - except when buying important things like cosmetics, clothes, books....OK la, so I lied, I am only an impulsive buyer when it comes to spending a lot of money or when recommended by friends. I've bought clothes I never wear but lent it to the friend for a year because she said it looks nice, I've bought original VCDs for movies I never watch because my friends say they are nice, and most recently I've bought air tickets without comparing the price first because my friend says it's cheap (my foot!). *
Got no one to blame but myself. Just hope that the trip is as fun when you need to count every cent because every cent is from your life savings!
My advice to fellow citizens who want to backpack to Australia: DON'T! Unless of course you have friends or family there so that your accommodation and some of your meals are covered. Going with tour package is much cheaper although it is very rushed. But then, to think about it again, except for the parts where $$ is concerned and where I've been cheated of the few dollars because of ill-advice, I can't wait to go travelling with Brian and Willie. My bestest bestest friend and my sweetheart and my bestest friend in the whole wide world! And they are strong enough to carry my shopping and me! Yippee!! Hahahaha...
Ok, got lots of things to do today...early morning flight tomorrow and with the new regulation of being in the airport 3 hours before flight, we need to leave Rawang at 5. Sheeshhh...
Continue loading my page when I'm away ya!! Hahhaa...make the counter look nicer! ;P THANKS!!! I'll get you guys bottles of Australian air!! PROMISE!! Hehhe...buh-bye!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

China - Fujian

Hello, hello!! Yup, I'm finally back from China. I was away for ten whole days. The trip was ok as a whole. Not what I had expected (I have been spoilt rotten because we went to China VIP-style for the past 2 trips) but it wasn't too bad. Actually our main purpose to China this time was to support our local basketball players in friendly matches with 3 Chinese universities and 2 other Chinese teams. This trip was organized by the Federation of Hokkien Associations as part of the agenda of its 50th anniversary and to strengthen the bonds between the Chinese government and the descendants of its people overseas. Our tour group consists of 50 people, 10 of which are basketball players, 8 are golfers, about 8 basketball team managers and others who went along to visit their relatives in between matches.

Fujian province is about 5 hours flight away from KLIA. Our flight was at 7 p.m. and we only landed in Xiamen at 1145 p.m. The airport closed at 12 a.m. (this is the first time I see an airport close - I used to think that all international airports operate around the clock).

Anyway, Fujian province is where most of the Malaysian Chinese originate. According to one of the tour members, they had a census once and the number of Hokkien in Malaysia is almost equivalent to the number of Malaysian Indians. That's a lot, I'd say. No wonder a lot of people question the reason for Malaysian Chinese to use more Cantonese instead of Hokkien when there are definitely more Hokkiens than Cantonese in Malaysia. And it's funny too how some heavily Hokkien-accented people insist on speaking in Cantonese (me, for example, although my Hokkien is as lousy).

There's not much to see in the places that we went as our main purpose was to watch basketball matches. Our basketball team consists of 10 men from 16 to 30+. The teenagers were mainly there to gain experience only la. Our tallest player was 6'5'' but he was not even the tallest among the Chinese players!

Our team did very well, winning 4 out of the 5 matches that were organised. The opposing teams were rather rough when they were trailing though. Friendly games, my foot! They were using all sorts of foul tricks - clawing, elbowing, I understand why crowds sometimes fight after a game. Hehehe...we had almost wanted to go shout at the biased referees from the VIP seats ourselves. =P

We had the rare opportunity to visit the Chinese universities in this trip (the basketball matches were against Ji Mei University, Hua Qiao University and a few others). Before I went on this trip, I had thought that the Chinese universities will be somewhat like Malaysian universities. How wrong I was!! I can't say much about other Malaysian universities because I have only been to UM and UTM, but the Chinese universities are definitely more presenting than UM. Take a look:

Can really roll on the grass and study here in Jimei University.

The side-view main entrance of Huaqiao University.

One of the walkways towards the gymnasium in Huaqiao University.

View of a pond on our way to the gymnasium.

Outside the gymnasium.

I didn't get to take many pictures of the other universities because we were driven right to the entrance of the gym where the basketball matches were held. Huaqiao University does not allow many cars to enter. The students are ferried in an electricity-powered buggy-like "bus" - very environmental friendly!

So anyway, the accommodation when I was in China was also quite nice. If you do go to China, don't go to 3-star hotels. They are normally very run down. But then again, these 3 star hotels are normally also smack in the middle of the town so that you can do your shopping around the area too. I rarely get to stay in hotels where its rooms get an individual sauna room, so here I go, snapping away:

Individual sauna room...whoa...

Since I took a photo of the toilet, might as well take a photo of the room.

The 5 star hotel that we stayed at for the final 4 days. I got a room all to myself. See this room like normal, normal only right? The price starts from RMB 920 (around RM 460) for it. My room is the cheapest in the hotel. My parents got a room which costs RM 1000++ per night. Compliments from the Chinese government.

We had a huge pig out at a buffet dinner on our final night in the 5 star hotel. I took a few photos of it with my phone - didn't want to look like a "sua gu" (orang ulu). High tea at the Palace of Golden Horses? where compared to the intricately designed desserts made in the hotel! Photos later...need to ask my sweetheart to transfer it for me. Hehe...

Quite a long post already. More in the next post! Take care!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tagged by Willie! Yay!!

Thanks Willie...

April 1 1997

1) How old were you? 13 years + one month plus + a few days

2) Where did you go to school? SMK Seri Garing - 1 Angkasa 3

3) Where did you work? Part time maid at home...

4) Where did you live? Taman Garing, Rawang.

5) Where did you hang out? school, tuition centres, home, KL sometimes

6) Did you wear glasses? Nope. My astigmatism was miraculously cured when I was in Year 4

7) Who was your best friend? William, Patrine, Yoke Thing and Seok Eng.

8) How many tattoos did you have? None.

9) How many piercings did you have? 1 on each ear lobe.

10) What car did you drive? My sister's Iswara...I was responsible for reversing it in the evenings. Almost amputated my mom's leg with her car once. Hahaha

11) Had you been to a real party? Of course...birthday parties, Christmas parties...countless

12) Had your heart broken? Nope...I break people's hearts got laa..

April 1 2002

1) How old were you? 18 years + a month plus and a few days

2) Where did you go to school? I think I was school-less then, or still in KDU...

3) Where did you work? At home...

4) Where did you live? Same as in 1997. Or if I was still in KDU, DJ

5) Where did you hang out? At home mostly

7) Who was your best friend? William, Yoke Thing, Siew Yee and Sara

8) Who was your regular-person crush? Don't remember...

9) How many tattoos did you have? None...

10) How many piercing did you have? Still one on each ear lobe

11) What car did you drive? Didn't drive coz had phobia after being involved in 3 accidents the previous year

12) Had you had your heart broken? Still breaking people's hearts, but mine was (is) still intact

April 1 2007

1) How old are you? 23 years + 1 month plus and a few days

2) Where do you work? At job in the world!

3) Where do you live? Refer above.

4) Do you wear glasses? Yes. Rather bad too...

5) Where do you hang out? Midvalley, OneU, Bangsar

6) Who is (are) your best friend? Brian, William, Woon and Hwa Cheat

8) Do you talk to your old friends? Some...

9) How many piercing do you have? Still those two.

10) How many tattoos? None ler...

11) What kind of car do you drive? Kelisa, sometimes my sister's, mom's or dad's and once, Brian's---> MANUAL you know?? *Proud*

12) Has your heart been broken? Nope. Don't think it's ever going to be... (",)

Who am I going to tag?
Jho Yan
And anyone bored who's reading my blog. Let me know if your name is not mentioned here ya!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Barenaked Tummies

Thanks for the idea Hwa Cheat. Hehe...

In case you didn't know, the midriff is the area between the breast and the waist.Fashion these days have made baring your midriffs seem sexy(GIRLS only, ok. Guys don't even think about baring your midriffs!!). True, most girls do look sexy with their midriffs for all to see. But you must remember, NOT all girls look sexy with the look. It's the same with being skinny. Some girls look pretty being skinny but not all girls look pretty when they are skinny ( for example, look good being plump! :P Ok, ok back to the midriff topic!)

So, here are a few pictures of people baring their midriffs. What do you think?

Ok la, I think she looks too skinny. I don't think it's sexy. Very anorexic looking.

Don't really fancy Coco Lee, but I think this photo can be considered sexy. I mean, baring her midriff here is all right.
Ok, even though this lady is baring her midriff, it gives a different loo entirely. More of athletic and healthy looking.

This is SCCCCAAAAARRREEEEEE!! Sexy? You pervert! =P

So, as I was saying, not all midriff-baring tops make you look sexy. And baring your midriff needs to suit the occasions. It is a sign of disrespect to yourself, your organisation and your profession if you wear it to work and your job is not a fitness or swimming instructor. So please, people, mind your clothes!

Well, am going off to Summer-time China in less than 6 hours. Going to be there for about a week. And don't worry, I won't bare my blubber. Hhahaha...take care people!

Monday, May 07, 2007

May is a month of celebration...

May is a month to pay tribute to our mothers and teachers. Seriously, I can never remember the exact day or date to celebrate either. Is Mother's Day on the second Saturday of the month, or is it on the first Saturday? Is Teacher's Day on the 14th of May or does it change every year? Although I think the idea of having these special days is great, I also think that it is only a gimmick by those florists and "souvenirists". Hehe...hear me out before you brand me as unfilial or ungrateful.
Mother's Day
Yes, I think that it is a good idea to have a day dedicated to Mothers. But why do we only treat her extra nice on this day and on her birthday? I can already think of other "special days" that we can treat our mothers nicer other than those two days. Have you ever thought of including your mother when you are celebrating your birthday? After all, she had to be in hours of labour before you can have your "special day". Or have you thought of just treating your mother extra nice every now and then? Ok, so if you treat her nice every day, she might take your good gesture for granted and complain that you don't treat her especially nice on "special days", but it'd be good too if all of us treat our mothers nice everyday, right? So anyway, as I was saying, treating our mothers especially nice every now and then, including the special days will be much better. I'm sure you would like it too when you get special treatment unexpectedly just because of the way you are. I can never forget the little cards that I got from Patrine and William on a normal day, thanking me for being their friend. And I will always cherish the bouquets of roses I get from Brian every now and then. I think it is the unexpectedness that makes these things more special, rather than the predictable "getting a gift or a treat at some fancy restaurant routine" on Mother's Day/Valentine's Day/ Friendship Day and what nots.
Teacher's Day
I still do not understand why there is this celebration. I do not think many teachers actually enjoy having to celebrate this day at school either. A holiday for teachers would be nicer compared to the traditional celebration at school. I mean, what's the point? Adding another workload for teachers who are responsible for organizing the celebration, taking another day off from the more beneficial teaching and learning session, forcing teachers to make a fool out of themselves in front of their students etc etc. I wonder why nobody has complained about it? And the litle gifts that students get for their teachers? I think they are wonderful gestures, but I don't think teachers appreciate them also la. So why bother? The best way to show your appreciation towards your teachers is to respect them and a simple heartfelt thanks after you graduate/ no longer attending the teacher's classes. Trust me, unless you get the teacher some really expensive stuff or you engrave his or her name on it, the gift that you give the teacher will be recycled or given away in less than a month!
Well, whether or not you are celebrating these much-hyped-up days, here's a wish to all of you mothers and teachers or teachers-to-be:
And of course, Happy 1st Anniversary to my Sweetheart. =) LOVE YOU!!

Friday, May 04, 2007


Yay!! The holidays are finally here!! Well, I have actually been enjoying myself for the past 3 days. Ahhh...such a relief that I don't have to go for classes and be bored to death or to sit for examinations that test more than what we've learnt! Well whatever, the holidays are here and I'm planning to make full use of it beginning next week. Hehehe...still have another 3 Harry Potter books to reread. :)
My holiday schedule seems to be quite packed. The first thing to do next week is of course, to settle the posting form for next year! Yes, next year. I'm finally graduating next year! *Grins* I'm still in doubt of where to write. Friends have told me that if the state of my choice does not need anymore English teachers, I would be sent to wherever the government wants me to go. Two years ago, I wouldn't mind being sent to anywhere at all, but I've grown wiser now -I realise that it would be better if I stayed near home. You can't imagine the difficulty of being too far away from home! Most of you who live far away from college of university would know what I'm trying to say, right? I've been lucky enough to study in places less than an hour's drive away from home. Of course, I am not saying that staying far from home is a bad thing. We grow up faster that way and we can explore more without being under our parents' armpits. Hehe... So anyway, my most probable state of choice would be Selangor. *Cross my fingers*
After settling the posting form (hopefully in one day - the clerks are almost all hopeless), I'll be going to China!! Yay! This time I'll be going to Fujian province, which I've never been to before, with my parents! :) So glad that my course is 6 years. If I had continued my studies in the private tertiary institutions, I'd be working by now and would not have the chance to travel with my parents as often! ;)
2 weeks after the trip to China, I'll be going to Australia. Yay! Although the trip is going to cost a bomb, I'm looking forward to struggling to find our way around the place. Haha...But I think the boys got it covered - they are not planning to let me hold the map at all! Hahaha...But you know, I think we'll be able to explore more of the country if I become the guide... *wink*
Other than travelling, I would have to move for the fifth time in the past 12 months. I'm getting really tired of moving. From Cheras, I moved my things back to Rawang in May 2006. 2 months after that, I moved my things from Rawang to Millenium Court in PJ. From Block A of Millenium Court, I had to move to Block C last February. I moved my things from Millenium Court back to Rawang last week and in a month's time, I would have to move those things to Cheras again. And in another year's time, I'd get my posting in God-knows-where, and would have to move again! Phew... I don't know how some of my friends can stand moving from one house to another every year!
Well, I haven't really decided on what to do for the rest of my holidays. By the time I return from Australia, half of my holidays would have passed. I am thinking of doing something good and meaningful this time around, like probably volunteering at SPCA or World Vision's office besides the usual plans that I have for my holidays. Oh, and I'm going to try hard to try to achieve my first resolution during the holidays too. Did I mention that my second blood test result shows good progress on my cholesterol level? Instead of being extremely high, I'm now at the max of the normal range. Haha...I know, still high but at least in the normal range. So, I'm planning to get it lower so that I can live to at least 40. ;)
For the time being, I'm going to bury my nose in my Harry Potter books again! Til my next post, cheerios!