Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life after marriage

Photography by William Leong.

Has it really been almost 2 months now that I have become Mrs. Tan? My tea ceremony was conducted almost a month ago now. So, what has changed since changing my marital status from single to married? Nothing much except that I have now moved into our own house. That also means that I need to wake up really early in the morning and travel about 38 km to school. That's 38 km for one way. Yeah...I know it's a norm for many people. But I was staying a mere 5 minutes' walk away from my school for 3 years! Imagine the change! :)

Other than that, having our own house means a lot of cleaning. I was very enthusiastic about the cleaning up until I moved all my things from my rented room over. All the things are still in boxes tucked away in the maid's room. Hahaha...Jimmy has been great as in he doesn't complain about the many boxes hidden in the maid's room. He also understands that I have trouble adjusting to the fewer sleeping hours and the terrible mood swings that I have because of that.

I wonder how long I need to get used to travelling and then still find the energy to clean up the house AND do my school work. Thank God I live near my parents so my mom has been helping me out with the cleaning up at least once a week! Hahahaha...Mum's the best!

My mom and dad are the best! :)