Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I am Complaint Queen

Wow...this blog has been truly neglected. Hahaha...
One of the things I liked about blogging was to be able to type what I feel without any care - much like writing in a diary, except, you choose what you want people to read. But then, when you choose to share your feelings with the world, it usually involves a lot more than just sharing your plain feelings with the world. It is a little like poems - I think the poets would be turning in their graves when we dissect and assume the meanings of each letter, each punctuation, each line. Maybe the poets accidentally put in the full stop there and the editor dared not edit it for fear that it means something else?
I experienced some of these assumptions by other people when some status updates on my Facebook account backfired in the form of reprimands from loved ones and concerns about my "dislike" with my job. I mean, I know professionalism means we are not supposed to complain about our jobs but when we do, it doesn't mean we hate our jobs. It just means that we are just humans who made the folly of sharing what we feel with everybody.
With their best intentions, these people who scold me because I complain a lot truly irritates me. I complain A LOT about everything. I realise that. Thank you for pointing it out. But back off when I tell you I didn't mean what you assumed I meant on my facebook status or when I complain about work. When I don't say anything when we meet the next time or when you ask me "How's life?" or "How's work?", well, I just don't want you to be assuming a lot of things.
I love my job with all its ups and downs. I love my family with all their quirkiness. I love my life with all its goods and bads.
BUT I also love to complain.
So, if you actually get to HEAR me complain, I had actually trusted you enough to complain to you. But if you go on assuming, and making an ASS out of U and ME, (well, U mostly) then, I'll spare your ears. And we can go on and talk about the weather and the patterns on the ceilings and the walls.