Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yay! I finally got my Celcom broadband! And what trouble I had to go through to get it! I went to Low Yat on Sunday morning to get a few things. Jimmy dropped me off there because he had some business to deal with near Pudu. So, off I went at 1030, going straight to Celcom centre and getting my package. The price for a new modem and "free one month subscription" (Promotion, or so the man said) would set me back by RM 599. Phew..that's a lot of money. But I remembered that when I asked for the price during the CNY was RM 599 without having one month free. So, ok...I signed up for the package while the other workers were busy opening up.

Feeling as though I had done a good job, I continued with my shopping at Low Yat. Luckily I learnt from Brian a couple of things about IT stuff. So, I got myself a few good deals and as I was leaving Low Yat, I saw an offer for Celcom Broadband...RM 479 and free one month subscription of the RM 98 package! I was angry. I went back to the man I got my package with and asked for an explanation. The man said that my modem has an 18-month warranty, that's why it is more expensive. Since the man was able to come up with an explanation, I cooled down (anyway, paid for it already, what can I do right?) and happily went home.

After lunch, Jimmy and I tried to use the broadband (one hour activation). Guess what? The laptop couldn't detect the USB modem! Calls to the man who sold me the thing was futile. I think I called for at least 20 times and he just cancelled my calls. Calls to the office were also left unanswered. I was disappointed with the Chinese community (don't ask me why).

So off to Low Yat again I went, this time with Jimmy. He was more angry than I was. Like I said, I was feeling disappointed rather than angry. At the shop, no one bothered to serve us because there were lots of people. Jimmy snapped at the fellows who asked if they could help us. The fellows didn't like his attitude and pretended we were not there, which made him even angrier. I was feeling disappointed by the minute. Disappointed with Malaysians by that time.

The man who served me in the morning came out looking apologetic which cooled Jimmy down somewhat. After some time, we found out that the USB cable was the problem. So, after spending less than 20 minutes there, we left.

Thinking that everything is well again, I did not attempt to go online for the past few days because I was busy marking exam papers and what-nots. When I finally tried to go online less than an hour ago, I could not. Luckily, the calls I made to the fellow were answered politely. So, after a few tries of taking out the sim card and restarting the laptop, I am finally online. And that's the whole story of how much trouble I had to go through just to post this. Hehe...

So, the moral of the story is, when you want to buy any IT stuff, go with someone who looks fierce or is rude to get things that work perfectly. Hahahaha....have a great week!