Friday, June 24, 2011

ROM 120611

I'm officially someone's Mrs. now. It's funny how Madam Tee instead of Ms. Tee makes me feel so old. Of course, I have not asked the students to change how they call me for fear that I would forget to acknowledge them when they call me. Hehe... Some of the pupils, however, have noticed the ring on my finger and the few photos on my Facebook account that they tried to call me Mrs. Tee just to see my reactions (and perhaps to see if I would tell them if I were recently married). kids.

So, I didn't lose any weight at all despite my attempts to do so before my pre-wedding photoshoot in less than a week. But then again, why worry about weight? Brides who are happy are always beautiful, right? :)
Outside the temple

Jimmy said that I spoiled the photo because Mr. Braun Buffel was visible. Hahahaha...that's my purse, by the way. :P

What started as regular dinners with family friends ended with a union of two of the three families. :)

I actually like this photo....hahaha...see our new and nice-looking shoes?

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

One done, many to go?

It is a blessing in disguise as I am bigger than the average girl. It is because of that, the range of bridal clothes available to me was slashed to about 45% from the hundreds of clothes in that shop. And I took almost 4 and a half hours to choose 8 dresses for my pre-wedding photos, the tea ceremony and the reception. I remember my sister who starved herself skinny didn't take as long. It's probably because everything looked nice on her, so it was easier. Also, she was very particular about the type of dress she wanted. But my beloved mother and sisters gave useful comments for my dresses and chose dresses that would flatter my curves rather than work against them. Love you, jie jies and mama!

Jimmy, on the other hand, was very eager to try on his coats. He didn't give much comment on the dresses because 3 girls against 1 guy. Haha...and when it was finally his turn to try on his coat, it took him only 5 minutes. Haha...too bad la...weddings are owned by girls'. :P

So now, I've ticked the wedding dresses off my list. What else? Hmm....
You know, I'm sure there are more to do about the wedding. Haha...Let me just go and enjoy my school holiday first. :P