Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Colour blind NOT!

Dear Readers,
The recent stressful weekend had allowed me to observe a peculiar behaviour in Baby, my daughter/pet dog/bitch. Baby is a racist. She favours her white pup over the others – hence the reason the white pup is the fattest. I tried to find a logical explanation for this behaviour: could it be because Baby’s eyes have some problems so she could not see her other darker puppies clearly, and hence could not feed them properly? Or could it be because Baby’s partner is white and she likes that white pup more because it resembles her partner? Or maybe it is because the pup is unique in the batch and therefore is more special? Or…maybe, just maybe, Baby is simply being racist? I suppose, being one of God’s imperfect creations, even dogs cannot look past the exterior of another being.
I used to be na├»ve and idealistic in thinking that we can learn to see past another’s shell. Racism, I believed is something of the past as there are many inter-racial marriages and their products these days. How stupid can I be, right? If I can observe that 30-40 year olds are teaching their young children of segregation based on skin colours, how could I have possibly thought that it has skipped my generation?
I do not deny that I am sometimes mindful of the colours as well. What was that analogy? (9 good people + 1 bad person) + (9 bad people + 1 good person) = 2 groups of 10 bad people? It is just so sickening! Racism…a foul word to me that is worse than Fuck, and worse than the foulest word in Cantonese. It is the mentality of a generation of people more backwards than our ancestors with large skulls and long arms. It is a disease that can only be temporarily contained with a massive natural disaster or the eruption of war. In a “blessed” country where there are no massive natural disasters or war, the fatal disease is spreading fast. Like the fire burning uncontrollably in our neighbouring country, I have seen it coming, wished that it will not happen but am helpless when I finally feel the hateful effects.
At first, I could not believe it. Not those people around me! But, well, it is either I have been blind all these while or that they are truly great actors, deserving awards of higher honours than the Oscars! What is it that made them show their true colours, I wonder? Kiasu-ism? Jealousy? Or maybe they are just tired of hypocrisy? I suppose that they feel that we have been racist and unfair towards them as well, once upon a time. Well, I do not know how to respond to that except that it does not bring any benefit to the oppressed group to be racist or unfair towards the majority group – it will bring more trouble, that’s why you see most oppressed groups just accept the situation until they can take it no more.
*SIGH* When, I wonder, is He/She/It going to rectify His/Her/Its mistakes of creating these two-legged monsters? Or couldn’t He/She/It at least wave His/Her/Its magic wand and make all the two-legged monsters colour blind or better, colourless? His/Her/Its gifts of uniqueness and beauty of each culture and colour have brought nothing but war and hatred. I say, save the effort, just give the earth a knock out of its orbit and start over. And don’t create more of these two-legged monstrosities.
As for those of you who are so colour-mindful (I don’t think they’ll read this), you can do whatever you want to us because we know that we are SUPERIOR to you in spirit, in belief, in faith, in wisdom, in knowledge, physically, mentally and emotionally. In other words, we are superior to you in everyway. I pray hard to whoever He/She/It is that you will live forever. As a human. Never dying. Just full of sickness and disease. In a world where wars rage because of colour-mindfulness and to show whose religion is better (Ahh…that is another topic altogether). You will always be in my prayers!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cute Puppies

As I've mentioned in a previous post, my Baby gave birth to four babies on September 12th. Well, they are ready to be weaned from their mother and up for adoption. So, please, if anyone's interested, let me know. This batch is the cutest of all the four batches from Baby. Probably because Baby changed her partner. The batch's father is part Spitz, so they all have fluffy fur. And having only four puppies, Baby made sure that all of them are well-fed.
Truth is, if I could I'd keep all of them. They are just SO SO cute!! Too bad, my parents only allow me to keep one, that also being reluctant as we had actually wanted to keep a female pup (did I forget to mention that all four pups are male?). I am most probably keeping the laziest of the lot - an all-black pup. There is only one white pup, while the other two are black with a patch of white fur on their chest and lower lip! Cute, huh?
I'll just let you all see how cute they are yourselves and stop with all the descriptions. Please, do ask around to see if anyone is interested in having a dog for a companion? Thanks and enjoy the cuteness! I'll upload more photos of them later in my photo album. Hehe...my last batch of grandbabies before the mother is spayed! ;)

Baby and her 5-day old babies

The 5-week old pups playing

The fattest and only white pup in the batch.

Sleeping again - the laziest of the lot and the one I'm going to keep.

Rascal - trying to bite my hand. Hehe...one of the pups with a white chest and a patch of white fur on the lower lip. Cute!!

The smallest of the lot and the other pup with the patches of white fur on the chest and lower lip. Probably the smartest as he could sit on command after an hour of butt pressing. Hehe...

Not up for adoption. Just wanted to put Charlie's ugly picture up coz my other babies are up. Haha...this is how he looked like after being infected with scabies from another dog. I don't know what's up with his tongue though! ^O^

Cute, aren't they? Anyway, if you are not interested or know anyone who's interested, would you suggest a cute name for me? I was thinking of something that begins with an A or a D...coz I have Baby and Charlie. Hehe...so excited! Going to take mor ephotos of the little darlings. Til then, take care!!