Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cute Puppies

As I've mentioned in a previous post, my Baby gave birth to four babies on September 12th. Well, they are ready to be weaned from their mother and up for adoption. So, please, if anyone's interested, let me know. This batch is the cutest of all the four batches from Baby. Probably because Baby changed her partner. The batch's father is part Spitz, so they all have fluffy fur. And having only four puppies, Baby made sure that all of them are well-fed.
Truth is, if I could I'd keep all of them. They are just SO SO cute!! Too bad, my parents only allow me to keep one, that also being reluctant as we had actually wanted to keep a female pup (did I forget to mention that all four pups are male?). I am most probably keeping the laziest of the lot - an all-black pup. There is only one white pup, while the other two are black with a patch of white fur on their chest and lower lip! Cute, huh?
I'll just let you all see how cute they are yourselves and stop with all the descriptions. Please, do ask around to see if anyone is interested in having a dog for a companion? Thanks and enjoy the cuteness! I'll upload more photos of them later in my photo album. last batch of grandbabies before the mother is spayed! ;)

Baby and her 5-day old babies

The 5-week old pups playing

The fattest and only white pup in the batch.

Sleeping again - the laziest of the lot and the one I'm going to keep.

Rascal - trying to bite my hand. of the pups with a white chest and a patch of white fur on the lower lip. Cute!!

The smallest of the lot and the other pup with the patches of white fur on the chest and lower lip. Probably the smartest as he could sit on command after an hour of butt pressing. Hehe...

Not up for adoption. Just wanted to put Charlie's ugly picture up coz my other babies are up. Haha...this is how he looked like after being infected with scabies from another dog. I don't know what's up with his tongue though! ^O^

Cute, aren't they? Anyway, if you are not interested or know anyone who's interested, would you suggest a cute name for me? I was thinking of something that begins with an A or a D...coz I have Baby and Charlie. excited! Going to take mor ephotos of the little darlings. Til then, take care!!

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