Friday, November 03, 2006

Puppies update

Dear readers, just to update those of you who were curious to know what happened to my grandbabies, two of them (Rascal and the youngest) have been adopted by Tisha and Sophia --> Sophia even wrote a blog on it! Thanks, girls! God bless you both! Hehe... I know that they will have a great life ahead of them.
For the time being, the white pup and the one that I wanted to keep are still with me. Too many people had booked and unbooked the white pup that mom had actually resigned to keeping both. But she gave a last try and asked her friends and one of them wants one. So, we will be waiting for the Uncle to come and pick the puppy that he wants. I have a feeling that it is going to be the white one because he is so active and beautiful. The other one...well, he sleeps more than I do! That speaks volume!! Hehe...I have been secretly calling them by name for about 2 weeks now. I don't know what I'd do when the Uncle picks either Powder (the white pup) or Trevor (the lazy one). Hmm...but I think it's all for the best. It's just so unfair for my family to take care of all my dogs when I'm not at home.
Having not had a puppy for almost 9 years, they are really rather troublesome. Last week, my dad accidentally very nearly went over Trevor with his car and he felt so bad the whole day. See, the puppies are still very naive. They still do not know the danger of a car and remained sleeping near the tyres eventhough my dad had starte his engine. Hmm..good thing my dad reversed very slowly and the puppy had only been scared and not hurt!
At 7 weeks old, the puppies are now very active and naughty. I tried training them to sit for 15 minutes just now and got bitten so many times that my fingers got numb. Haha..but I'm still glad that Powder learnt how to sit after such a short time. As for Trevor...well, he was more interested in looking for the best spot to sleep than the snacks that I was holding in my hand. Hmmm...
I can't wait for the holidays to spend more time to train the puppy that is left at home. It is certainly not easy to start all over again and to endure all the digging and shoe-biting. I just hope that the puppies would be as obedient and as good a watchdog as Baby. I wonder if they would be dependent on the mother and be scaredy-cats? Or like my mom was afraid of, would they turn into sissies if I get them neutered at 4 months? Coz Charlie had been known to ride my friend's male dog although he did try to get on top of the female dog too (Charlie --> Bi-sexual).'s cruel but it is for the best for us, humans. We have run out of friends who would take in mongrel puppies.
Anyway, I have to stop be distracted by the puppies and complete my assignments already! 5 more days to go and I'm going to be free! Puppy training, resuming my tailoring classes, going on trips, accompanying my mom...can't wait for the holidays! =)
For those of you who are going to sit for exams of luck!!
Powder being squeezed by me. He just loves to bite people's toes! Geramnye!

Needless to say, Trevor has found the perfect spot for his afternoon nap.

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