Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yet another blog for me...

Well, I've started this blog because the Friendster blog is very limited and I cannot change much of the template. I envy my friends' blogs with their very nice templates and colour; so here I am, starting a personal blog on Blogger, in the hopes that my blog will look as nice as theirs some day. Of course, being the narcissist that I am, I also feel sympathetic towards some of my readers of my Friendster blog because they cannot revisit my old posts as there is no archive there. Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh... :P Fret not dear fans, as I will repost some of my better-loved posts here as well.

First things first, I hope there will be readers on this blog. Hehe...

Whatever it is, just want to wish everyone who might have stumbled upon this blog:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

1 comment:

fluotone said...

hi sweetheart :)

so many blogs err.. you sure can handle or not? :P love you