Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kedah trip - Day 1

Dear friends,
Sorry for not updating for a long time. Being at home means I rarely go online because I cannot resist the temptation to pig out on the bed. Haha...

Anyway, the Raya holidays had prompted 8 beautiful girls and handsome guys to head north to Kedah. =) Ok la...so the other 5 of us just wanted to "menyibuk" and visit our friends' hometown and also to go on a short holiday in the nearby Langkawi island la. So off to Kedah we went in 2 Proton Sagas driven by our macho guys. We started our journey from PJ at 715 in the morning. *Yawn*

Even though it was Hari Raya Pertama, most of the drivers we saw on the highway were Chinese! What is a long journey without rest stops. Our first stop was made at 745 a.m. at my house because I had forgotten to take my camera and goggles (which I did not use in the end). After the short stop, we stopped at Bidor for a super-duper-delicious duck noodle. Mm-hmmm...we had to wait at the crowded shop for about an hour to be seated and served. But it was worth the wait. We wolfed down the food in less than 20 minutes and continued our journey.

Yum yum! Duck noodle at RM 6.50 per bowl (dry or in soup)

After that filling breakfast, we drove for another hour or so to stop at Ipoh and be led by one of our macho guys' friend. We stopped by a cave temple for a short visit and looked at the time: just nice for us to have lunch (hehe). So off we went to buy a whole salted chicken and to the original Old Town Kopitiam. Apparently, the original kopitiam owner has been cheated of his copyright to the recipe. He doesn't have any holding to the many franchise of the Old Town Kopitiam eventhough the recipe and coffee come from him!

The coffee was good as always and we had the loh mai kay(glutinous chicken rice) which was heavenly! We also had the chicken we bought earlier too. I hardly had the chance to take much of the chicken when it was picked clean. Haha...don't think pretty girls will be shy to "fight" for good food! But it was all fun...just look at us enjoying ourselves!

Outside the original Old Town Kopitiam.

Enjoying the good food with good friends.

With a very full stomach, we continued our journey and made a detour to Taiping to send one of Yi Loon's friends home. We toured the beautiful Taiping Lake in our cars because it was raining. Sadly, these magnificent trees would be cut down soon.

Beautiful old trees to be seen probably the first and the last time.

After sending his friend home, we continued "touring" Taiping town until we found the highway exit. Hehe...and it was all the way to Sungai Petani, Kedah after that. And would you believe it, we arrived at Hwa Cheat's house at 6 o'clock in the evening. After a short rest and shower, we headed out for dinner. The delicious dinner was paid for by Mei Ju's father. THANK YOU!! After dinner, we went for a short visit in Mei Ju's house. We headed for Hwa Cheat's house after an hour or so. As tiring as it was, the girls had fun talking and laughing until Hwa Cheat was left talking on her own! =P

Stay tuned for more photographs of our trip to Kedah. :)

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melwin said...

so nice lah i really wish i was there...
but from where am igoing to find the money..