Friday, April 18, 2008

Friend - - - ship

Yes, we will soon be graduating (finally)! We can almost smell the bouquets of flowers and Ferrerro Rochers *hint, hint* and see the flashes of camera before our eyes. Haha...ok, so there is still the matter of a small, little itsy bitsy, tiny Future Studies examination between us and that figment of my imagination. But then, no harm in imagining and practising for the smiles of triumph on our graduation day, right? much has happened in the last six years. The tears, the joys, the busy days, the bored til we grow mould days...It is truly hard to believe that we are all going to go our own ways soon! What's with the Vilo-Linesh-Melwin, SiawHui-SinYuan-MeiJu trios, and the Sophia-Dasha, Apai-Rina, Swing-Julia duos and the MeiLee, Zali, Luqman monos, and of course all our random cliques, we are finally going to have other people to gossip about and criticize! Hehehe...

It is sad in a way that I have not spoken to some of them for more than twenty sentences over the past 6 years. Not that I think they care coz many of them are not bothered about attending the graduation dinner or supporting any of our functions anyway. But then, you think about it again, the sad cases are these people. I understand why these people are not bothered to attend the functions and stuff - coz they have nothing to celebrate, nothing and no one to bid goodbye to - they've always been alone in their 6 years journey. I'm sure that they are more than glad that their lonely journey has finally ended.

But I digress, what I had in mind when I started writing this blog was to celebrate the friendships that I've gained in this journey. I was some sort of a loner when I was in secondary school. You know, the normal teenage angst thing and thinking that everything would be better if you died. The people who stuck by me all through the secondary years (and still is) is this fler and in those days this pretty lady:

Yoke Thing

Hmm..I went out of topic again. In my 6 years of Maktab-sation, my pillars of strength and hope have been these 3 clowns (haha..pretty girls la) and these bunch of maniacs (no, really - maniacs with a capital M). :P

The three clowns (pretty gals) - Vilo, Linesh and Melwin

The MANIACS - Woon, MeiJu, SiawHui, SinYuan and HwaCheat

Not to mention, I also found a slave sometime in my 4th year in Maktab, who would slog over my assignments too when my pressure is too great or would worry about me endlessly:

Brian when he's doing my assignments for me or worrying about me.

Brian when he's not worrying about me.

And of course there are the others whom I have had great joy being friends with:

TEYL Cohort One. Graduating class of 2008
6 years is not so easy to wipe out from one's minds. Despite the occasional "name-nesia", I bet many of you would be able to remember all those who were in your primary school class, your secondary school class even after all these years, right? What more of us in the Maktab. How can one forget another so easily? Hmm...I'm starting to miss bitching about someone from our cohort already...


melwin said...

u hv a tissue? i need it....hehehe

yes it is coming to an end...its like we hv been waiting for this time n now when its here..i feel like lost...
deep down i do wish this time didn't come cause i'm afraid of what is going to happen..n worse of all my friends( u all wont be there) in other words i am afraid of growing weird is this for a 24...right?

Viloshena said...

Wei i m sure we will all not forget each and even the bitching part too............... we can always do taht online.......hahaha
but i m alredi missing u guys nad gals although i know i can still see u ppl on the 5th n 6th for those who still appreciate each other and care for each other

i m aso going to miss all of u n like wat melwin said m scared of facing the real world too...... GOD knows wats waiting for these bunch of 74 teachers

hopefully there will be gatherings so we can know wats happening in each others life at least( for those who want la)

missing u a lot la

William Leong said...

i seee meeeeeee......

eh eh, free urself on August 9th for you are required to attend a convocation event in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya