Saturday, December 12, 2009

How I spent one week of my holiday

Dear all,

Holiday has finally started for me. I was at school for the past two weeks, trying to drill subject-verb agreement and sentence construction techniques to 90 unwilling students who were forced to go back to school while the others are on holiday. Hehe...

So anyway, what have I been doing for the past two weeks besides torturing myself and the kids? My housemate, Y, was feeling lonely, so we went out almost everyday of the second week because my other housemate (i.e. her usual companion) went to Sabah. So on Monday, we went to Sungei Wang by bus+monorail at 5 and walked aimlessly til 930 p.m. before proceeding to Jogoya, Starhill. The Japanese restaurant was (is) having a promotion buffet supper which starts at 940 and ends at 12 midnight. The 2nd person is only charged RM10+. So anyway, we felt so out of place in Sg. Wang! about feeling old! And we pigged out at the rather posh-looking Jogoya until 1130 p.m. Y can really eat! I mean, she was eating almost non-stop for the 2 hours that we were there - oysters, mussels, crabs, fish, grilled meat, desserts! I made the mistake of getting myself a Japanese hand-roll very early on, so I stopped eating after an hour. But I walked around and took a lot of drinks and snacks for Y! Haha..she was smiling from ear to ear while eating. I think I ate RM 30 worth of prawns that night! Haha..I love my prawns! After stuffing ourselves full, we went for a short walk around Pavillion. The Christmas deco is beautiful. Jimmy came to pick us up and I slept almost immediately. Pig, I know.

The next day, I felt so awful that I slept through the afternon after class. I didn't have anything for breakfast and lunch save a glass of coffee because I was still stuffed from the night before. :-/ When I woke up, Y forced me to have some thing to eat so we went to SS2 and stuffed ourselves with dessert.

The next day, I went for medical check up at a private hospital. I wanted to go to UM Hospital, but the queue was horrible!! So I spent 4 x of what you would spend at a private clinic for a normal medical check up. But everything was completed within an hour. The report was to be picked up the next day, but I haven't gone to pick it up yet. Hehe... My other housemate, M came back that afternoon, so I thought I would have a break from Y, but M needed to go shopping and she didn't have transport, so Super JW was there to save the day. Parking in Mid Valley is a nightmare. We went round for almost 45 minutes looking for a parking. I normally give up within the first 15 minutes, but M needed to buy her wedding stuff. Shopping with my housemates is not something that I can take for more than 2 hours in 3 months. I don't think it is the lack of money issue with them but they are extremely careful with their money but at the same time curious of every little thing that is in the store. You know what I mean? It is quite tiring actually to go with people who have different styles when you go shopping. I can't shop with my mom because she doesn't look at the things that I like to look at and her taste and mine are different. And as she grew older, she loses her patience as well. So anyway, I was saved from further torture by my date with Jimmy at 7. I went back to pick them up at 11 p.m., an hour later than I promised because Jimmy and I were stuck at the place that we were at.

My final day of tuition was spent happily. I was lazy to go in for the first period, so Y took over. I lazed on the bed for a record 3 hours before getting my bum out of the bed and get ready for school. 2 hours later, I was ready for another round of going out with my 2 housemates, knowing fully well that I have to leave them earlier like the day before. Y had wanted to go for a karaoke session ages ago and we were finally going. Because of the price factor, she had chosen Gbox. Neither of us has been there, so we were quite excited about it. Y booked for 3 o'clock and started washing her clothes while waiting for M to come back from her chores. By the time M came back it was 2+ and Y was still washing her clothes. By the time we left the house, it was almost 3 and we were "surprisingly" stuck in the jam. We reached Sg Wang at 3.50 and M wanted to have something to eat. We chose a restaurant that looked quite empty and ordered. We didn't know that the restaurant had another section and it was actually quite crowded. We got our food at 4+ and by the time we finished, it was almost 430. When we went to Gbox, we had to book a room again. And we had to wait til 5. ANother round of aimless walk around Sg Wang later, we finally got into a pathetic small room. Seriously, it's PATHETIC. Pay a little extra and you get better service in other karaoke lounges. So, anyway, when M and I were getting our drinks, Jimmy called and said that he'd be there to pick me up in 15 minutes. Hmm..I just paid my share adn got my drink and haven't even sung yet and it was time to go? Jimmy and I had a miscommunication and dinner was supposed to be at 7, not him picking me up at 7. So, after 2 songs, I left the two of them to go for dinner with Jimmy's parents and client. I tell you, Chinese really eat well. And they would rather the food go to waste just to show that they can afford it. Gosh...5 of us and we ate about RM 600 + worth of food??

So anyway, that's just part of the week of holiday. More later...sorry Ashley, forgot to post this one after typing and I have lost my train of thoughts. Hehe..have fun!

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Ashley said...

Hey, I just read them. Was quite surprise to see my name at the bottom though. hehe...Anyway, it was great that you did so many things during your one week holiday! Here is me too wishing you a fantastic 2010 ahead! Hope to see you soon. Was kicking myself that I had to work when you came to visit. hehe..Ta ta..Loves xoxo