Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blur me...

I was determined to try the famous fish ball noodles today. I walked purposefully to the stall and asked if they had "lou shu fan". When the lady said they did not have it, I said then just give me the fish ball koay teow soup. She said okay and then asked, fish ball? I said yes, and she turned to the old man next to her stall and shouted, "UNCLE, FISH BALL LOU SHU FAN!"

Yup, I walked to the lonely stall next to the stall I intended to go to and ordered something that her rival sells. -.-"

Malu-nyer....and the best part is the aunty whom I always go to for economical rice was staring and smiling at me. Sigh...I think I need to bury my head somewhere...or get thicker glasses. :P

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