Sunday, February 13, 2011

My laptop still works! has been two months plus since my last post. And today, I finally sat in front of the laptop and turned it on. A lot of work has got to be done by tonight (after I update myself with the going-ons at Facebook, other people's blogs and finish reading my e-mail).

The past two months have been rather relaxed. Spending time with my family has been great, and I appreciate the time with my parents even more now. My grandmother who is 92 suffered from a mild stroke two months ago. It is sad to see a proud woman like her being treated like a toddler because she can no longer move around. the day as though there is no tomorrow. I need to spend as much time with my family as possible. That's my resolution.

Taking our parents out on a trip to Cameron Highlands. Major sponsors: sister and bro-in-law. My role? Menyibuk-ing. :P


Alice Law said...

LOL, I really thought you abandon your blog liao!>_< Phew~!

So nice of you to bring your parents up for a chill! Btw, wishing you and your lovely family a prosperous CNY, a beautiful Valentine and happy Chap Goh mei!

m_kaur said...

welcome back..

mNhL said...

It has been so long I never go to Cameron Highlands. Yes...spending time with family are important.