Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back in Malaysia

There is a slight disadvantage of going to Krabi: there is only one flight to and from Krabi a day. So, we left Krabi on our third day there at noon. We didn't do much, just walked around the Ao Nang beach and shopping in 7-Eleven. Yup, Mr. Jimmy fell in love with the 7E there and was visiting it every day. Haha!

Everything was back to normal, with me in cloud nine as I recounted Jimmy's proposal again and again to disbelieving audience. :) We had a plan to get married at the end of the year but Jimmy had to first ask my father for my hand in marriage ala traditional culture. Once that was done, we had to give our birth time to a Feng Shui master who would calculate the best time to get married.

A message came in on 7th April from the Feng Shui master telling us that the best date to get married is on the 11th September. *Panic* That is less than half a year away!! That night, Jimmy quickly set out a working schedule. We've got lots to do before September: decide on a venue for the reception, get the pre-wedding photos taken, get someone to renovate the house and most importantly, LOSE WEIGHT!!

How are we to do all that in a span of 5 months? Luckily, the Home Fair was on at PWTC that weekend. So we went to have a look at the furniture to just get an idea of how much it would cost us to renovate and prepare our house just enough to be able to invite guests in on the wedding day. Well, you can say that we almost had a heart attack just looking at the price of even the basic necessities.

Outside the fair, there was a wedding fair for Malays. Just for fun, we went in and we were stuck listening to a very persuading group of salesgirls. In the end, we came out RM 200 poorer because they told us to give a deposit so that we can still enjoy all the perks thrown in during the fair. Hmm...I suppose our wits do become dimmer when we have so much to think about. Hahaha...normally, Jimmy wouldn't be so easy to persuade. Me? I'm the typical water fish who would believe anything that any sales person says. LOL has been almost a month since we have known the prosperous date, and we have managed to tick off a few things to do in our list:
1. venue
2. pre-wedding package (nope, not the one that we signed up for in the fair) :)

Wish us luck! :)


Alice Law said...

Wow... only 5 months away... gosh, I reckon it's a bit in the rush though, especially the venue for wedding dinner, suppose hard to find an ideal place now(fingers crossed)!

Wish you best of luck and a beautiful wedding!^^ Can't wait to see your wedding photos!

Gratitude said...

Ouch, 5 months is not too far away so I guess you'll be beezee rushing through some things. Pray all goes well, and if not nevermind; the only important thing will be that the both of you are there for each other ;)

mNhL said...

As long as you and Jimmy already had in mine of what to do, 5 months should be fine. All the best and be the most beautiful bride on that day !

Jiawen said...

thanks Alice, +Ant+ and mNhL. Wedding venue has been set. But having headache with a lot of other stuff. :) And it is true that in the end all that matters is that Jimmy and I are happily married (later). Hehe