Wednesday, March 28, 2012

God's delayed fulfillment of my wish

I read somewhere not too long ago that God answers all of our prayers, it is only the matter of time that it is answered.

Many years ago, I was an angsty teenager/ young adult who hated humankind. I felt that being a human is the worst kind of punishment God can give to a living being. I declared to my family members that I wished that I could be a dog. I told everyone who knew me that I felt that I was a dog in my past life. Of course, that didn't just got me weird looks, it caused much concern to my poor parents and people who cared for me.

Why did I start the post with that sentence about God answering all our prayers? Well, I didn't suddenly transform into a dog (haha...I still wish I could exchange bodies with one of my dogs though! Such pampered lives they have!). Among my many wishes about dogs at that time was that when I grow up, I don't want to have children as that would be bringing more lives into this cruel world and making them suffer. I wanted to have a house filled with dogs.

Well, for now, I haven't got any children even if I wanted them. And there is a new member in my small family. Meet Daisy, a six-week-old Spitz mix.

We saw her in a small pet shop that put her and some other poor puppies in dirty cages. When we saw her, she was sleeping in her food bowl and her fur was filthy with her urine. We decided to ger her the next day (actually my hubby, who never liked dogs much before he was with me, cajoled me into buying her).

And it has been a VERY long time since I last had a puppy this young. I forget how messy and naughty they can be. (-.-")

My house is cleaner now because of Daisy. I have to sweep and mop the floor every day when I come back from work because she would have peed practically all over the ground floor. We keep Charlie and her in the study room when we are away so the room would be full of poop as well. Charlie has been a real gentle(half)man so far. He dare not eat from the same bowl as Daisy as she would growl and eat IN the bowl. He gave up his bed. He gave up his toy (a soft toy he mutilated when he was a year old or so). He also allowed her to nip at him although I saw him bark in a frustrated manner a couple of times yesterday.


Daisy still doesn't know her own name and she is a glutton who overeats and pukes after that. Her bladder is so small that she is almost always peeing some where. She is being bossy over Charlie and bullies him whenever she could yet can't bear to be not around him. We had wanted to separate the both of them for Charlie's sake and also because Charlie has some skin disease; but we had to suffer to Daisy's whining from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. So, ever since that 2 hour separation, Daisy follows Charlie every where and she is beginning to show signs of mild skin disease.

Well, you can say that my days are fuller in many ways because of this naughty girl. Yet, I wonder if any dog lover out there know how I can help Charlie be the alpha dog in this situation? :) Hehe...trying to help Charlie cheat his way through the dog hierarchy. Do comment if you have any idea. Have a great day!


Gratitude said...

Glad to know another animal lover. As for wanting Charlie to be an alpha male, it is difficult since alpha males are born with the behavior. As for your new "daughter", youcould inculcate better hygiene habits into her, starting by letting her pee onto a newspaper ( you will have to be vigilant to quickly grab her and put her on top of the paper whenever she starts sniffing around). Once she's used to her smell and the texture of the papers, slowly move the paper bit-by-bit until its final location is in the toilet or outside of the house. Another trick is that once she is used to the newpapers, move the location of the papers outside at a designated time everyday, so she would adopt the habit of pooping and peeing at that particular hour.

I love to watch Dog Whisperer on astro coz we could get tips on how to deal with our dogs. ;)

Happy training! ^^

mNhL said...

Awww...that puppy looks so adorable.