Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bad bod days

So anyway, today is my third day of holiday. What have I done so far? Well, let's see: I've been comatose (or close to) for the past 2 days and a half. If not for this morning's coffee and light exercise (from bathing stinking Charlie), I would probably still be sleeping on my bed now. I said, I think it's the fengshui at home that is lulling me to sleep and sleep and sleep some more.
*sigh* Its not that I do not want to start on my assignments and read the stacks of notes on the table, it is just SO... sickening. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing and fun!! But apparently, an undergraduates' holidays is for completing assignments and updating their work so that they can still keep up. Bummer! =( Sorry, people, I need to complain about this miserable university life or I'd go bonkers!!
Well, stress from not doing my work aside, I think my whole family is sabotaging my diet efforts. Yeah yeah yeah, I have wanted to diet since form 4 but it never worked but the past 4 months had been a killer! Some people have been stuffing me with food (countless meals at Chili's, TGI's, Oasis, Asian Heritage Row, Bangkok Jazz, Rendezvous, Kaki Corner etc etc) that I've put on tremendous weight! *You know who you are! Grrr...* =P I know, most would be so envious that I have someone to take me to those kind of places but it makes me FAT!
On top of that, when I tell my family that I'm going on a diet, my mom asks the maid to prepare all my favourite dishes! And after my dinner, she tells me that I am a tad overweight and that I shouldn't have eaten rice. Hmm...then there's my sister who is always reminding me that I am fat. Oh yeah, and there is the fact that the maid is going on a diet, so she piles my bowl with all the food (which I would end up walloping. Hey, I don't like to waste food!) about supportive family members.
Between Jan and August, I have put on the weight of an extra fully grown male miniature poodle! Yay, I am lugging an extra Charlie in the form of blubbler! Whoopie!
I'm depressed, people. It's not that I long for a body like Calista Flockhart's *shudder* but it would be nice if I could look like how I used to back in Form 3! haha...fat chance. At least let me get back to my normal weight??!! I'm going to jinx all those who are stuffing me with food. May all the fat go to you! Har har har! *evil grin*

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