Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New roomie

I finally got a new roommate. Good thing? Bad thing? Well, it depends on how you see it. It's rather nice to have the whole room to yourself but it's also kind of scary when there are weird noises in the middle of the night. Heehee...not that my room is haunted or anything. It was rather creepy the first few nights alone because the air-conditioning switches off by itself anytime it likes and the toilet door would start making creaking noises when the wind blows outside. And it was the seventh lunar month when my ex-roomie moved out! Hehe...
So anyway, my new roommate has just moved in yesterday, the both of us are kind of shy with each other. I guess it happens. Two total strangers put together in a small space to live with each other for don't know how long. I do wonder how I used to cope so easily with my roommates when I was in KDU and when I just recently moved to MPIK. But then, I used to sleep a lot that time. And as I remembered, my Shanghainese roommate back in KDU used to go out a lot and sleep when she was in. My MPIK experience? Ok, I used to sleep A LOT MORE. friends would normally ask my roomie and then answer the question themselves when they don't see my face at around 8 p.m. onwards., those were the days!
I can't sleep much these days and it is rather awkward when we have to be so polite with each other, not knowing whether the other person would rather be left alone or talk with the other so that we can learn more about each other. So far, I think we have had enough of small talk: I know her name, her origin, her course, her age and she knows mine. I think for a second day meeting, it's good progress! Oh I also know one thing, her classes doesn't start until next month, but she is already studying behind me!! Creepy!

*SIGH* I don't know la...this human relation thing, I still don't get. Still prefer to have more contacts with dogs. Oh by the way, my dog gave birth to puppies again yesterday. I'm still not home yet, so I don't know the genders and colours and how many (would you believe it, my mom was reluctant to tell me because she was afraid that I would rush home to see my dog, but I just had that feeling the whole day and called home instead!), but if any of you readers would like to have a cute puppy to be your company, let me know. She's of no pedigree but we shouldn't be "racist" now. They deserve love and care as much as any pedigree.
Talking about races, a friend and I were talking over lunch just now about my post about Merdeka. It's such a sad situation but one that we cannot deny is happening. What's sadder is that each and everyone of us is guilty of contributing to the situation that is happening. Ask yourself, don't you occasionally also make a sweeping statement based on other the skin colour? Or don't you also take a second look when there is a inter-racial couple? Or aren't you also guilty of speaking in your mother tongue in the presence of people of another race? And linking back to my roomie again, a few of my friends were envious ? curious ? happy ? that my new roomie is a Japanese. The best part, my ex-roomie, asked in general why am I so "lucky" to have a Japanese as a roomie when she never had one for the 2 years that she stayed here. Hmm..she did have a Shanghainese as a roomie before I came in, so what's the difference? Both are foreigners and maybe should be treated with more hospitality than the usual Malaysian - to give them a false impression of our country!, I mean, seriously, shouldn't we treat everyone the same and ok, maybe treat the foreign students slighty better because they contribute to the country's economy when they come here to study? I wonder, would my friends be impressed too if I had told them that I had a (sorry, don't mean to be offensive, just trying to give an example) Nigerian or a Laotian as a roommate?
Hmm... don't you think it's unfair? Perhaps we are in awe of a Japanese, but how would you feel if they feel that they are disgusted by the fact that they have to stay with you? Not that my roommate is like that (at least I don't think so), but what if? Try people, try to NOT contribute to the growth of RACISM anymore. We are all the same underneath that layer of skin: remember that. Peace.

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