Thursday, May 31, 2007

Aussie trip!!

Dear all,
Sorry for not updating regularly. I've been so busy the past 2 weeks with I don't know what that time flew by just like that. Before I can settle back into my routine and go for my sewing lessons again (YES, am planning to continue exploring my talent in that area), it's almost time to go to Australia. Phew...we've been dumping money into this trip as though there's no tomorrow (and there likely isn't any if we continue doing to survive without money when we get back??). Ya laa...all my fault lor. So far, if we look back, I've been the one responsible getting us into this money-sucking trip. And I've been a sucker enough to allow more siphoning of money out of us because of lack of deeper consideration. *SIGH* What to do? I have always been a 'decide-then-and-buy-immediately' kind of a person - except when buying important things like cosmetics, clothes, books....OK la, so I lied, I am only an impulsive buyer when it comes to spending a lot of money or when recommended by friends. I've bought clothes I never wear but lent it to the friend for a year because she said it looks nice, I've bought original VCDs for movies I never watch because my friends say they are nice, and most recently I've bought air tickets without comparing the price first because my friend says it's cheap (my foot!). *
Got no one to blame but myself. Just hope that the trip is as fun when you need to count every cent because every cent is from your life savings!
My advice to fellow citizens who want to backpack to Australia: DON'T! Unless of course you have friends or family there so that your accommodation and some of your meals are covered. Going with tour package is much cheaper although it is very rushed. But then, to think about it again, except for the parts where $$ is concerned and where I've been cheated of the few dollars because of ill-advice, I can't wait to go travelling with Brian and Willie. My bestest bestest friend and my sweetheart and my bestest friend in the whole wide world! And they are strong enough to carry my shopping and me! Yippee!! Hahahaha...
Ok, got lots of things to do today...early morning flight tomorrow and with the new regulation of being in the airport 3 hours before flight, we need to leave Rawang at 5. Sheeshhh...
Continue loading my page when I'm away ya!! Hahhaa...make the counter look nicer! ;P THANKS!!! I'll get you guys bottles of Australian air!! PROMISE!! Hehhe...buh-bye!!

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b.mel said...

very informative blog...=D
u sound just like a well travelled nomad(in a VERY good way)

its always fun reading ur blogs..waiting for the next one...where to after aussie land..heheh