Friday, May 04, 2007


Yay!! The holidays are finally here!! Well, I have actually been enjoying myself for the past 3 days. Ahhh...such a relief that I don't have to go for classes and be bored to death or to sit for examinations that test more than what we've learnt! Well whatever, the holidays are here and I'm planning to make full use of it beginning next week. Hehehe...still have another 3 Harry Potter books to reread. :)
My holiday schedule seems to be quite packed. The first thing to do next week is of course, to settle the posting form for next year! Yes, next year. I'm finally graduating next year! *Grins* I'm still in doubt of where to write. Friends have told me that if the state of my choice does not need anymore English teachers, I would be sent to wherever the government wants me to go. Two years ago, I wouldn't mind being sent to anywhere at all, but I've grown wiser now -I realise that it would be better if I stayed near home. You can't imagine the difficulty of being too far away from home! Most of you who live far away from college of university would know what I'm trying to say, right? I've been lucky enough to study in places less than an hour's drive away from home. Of course, I am not saying that staying far from home is a bad thing. We grow up faster that way and we can explore more without being under our parents' armpits. Hehe... So anyway, my most probable state of choice would be Selangor. *Cross my fingers*
After settling the posting form (hopefully in one day - the clerks are almost all hopeless), I'll be going to China!! Yay! This time I'll be going to Fujian province, which I've never been to before, with my parents! :) So glad that my course is 6 years. If I had continued my studies in the private tertiary institutions, I'd be working by now and would not have the chance to travel with my parents as often! ;)
2 weeks after the trip to China, I'll be going to Australia. Yay! Although the trip is going to cost a bomb, I'm looking forward to struggling to find our way around the place. Haha...But I think the boys got it covered - they are not planning to let me hold the map at all! Hahaha...But you know, I think we'll be able to explore more of the country if I become the guide... *wink*
Other than travelling, I would have to move for the fifth time in the past 12 months. I'm getting really tired of moving. From Cheras, I moved my things back to Rawang in May 2006. 2 months after that, I moved my things from Rawang to Millenium Court in PJ. From Block A of Millenium Court, I had to move to Block C last February. I moved my things from Millenium Court back to Rawang last week and in a month's time, I would have to move those things to Cheras again. And in another year's time, I'd get my posting in God-knows-where, and would have to move again! Phew... I don't know how some of my friends can stand moving from one house to another every year!
Well, I haven't really decided on what to do for the rest of my holidays. By the time I return from Australia, half of my holidays would have passed. I am thinking of doing something good and meaningful this time around, like probably volunteering at SPCA or World Vision's office besides the usual plans that I have for my holidays. Oh, and I'm going to try hard to try to achieve my first resolution during the holidays too. Did I mention that my second blood test result shows good progress on my cholesterol level? Instead of being extremely high, I'm now at the max of the normal range. Haha...I know, still high but at least in the normal range. So, I'm planning to get it lower so that I can live to at least 40. ;)
For the time being, I'm going to bury my nose in my Harry Potter books again! Til my next post, cheerios!


Adrian said...

The new harry potter will be out in july...and i've already made bookings for it.. just that i'll have to get through hell before finding my holidays... X_X

melwin said...

yes holidays r here....i am happy also....its nice that u r going traveling....i am sure that if u become the guide u will sure to visit many places cause of taking the wrong route...hehehe
staying at home...not for me...i think i hv to fly away so that i will grow up.....maybe near to home ok lah ..but not so near..
heheh hv fun..dont forget to get book marks for me...(i muka tak malu)

Jiawen said...

Adrian: I'm waiting for Willie to get me the new Harry Potter for my bday next year! Haha...Good luck in hell. :P

Melwin: Bookmarks only? Haha...Phew...lucky you are not asking for anything else. :P OK, cannot change your mind ady ya!! Happy Holidays!!