Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Practising to be a babysitter

Hello everybody...greetings from Singapore! Yup, I've been exported to our neighhbouring country along with my mom to be temporary babysitters/maid. It was just a phone call on Saturday afternoon and less than 24 hours later, my mom and I were on our way to the rescue.

Having helped my sister take care of her elder son for a day and a half almost all by myself (my mom accidentally had some sweet stuff to eat and was tired the whole day), I cannot imagine how a mother can live a normal life! What more a working mother! I think I learnt to look at a mother's life from a different perspective after watching this reality tv show called "Crash Test Mommy" on Discovery Home and Health. One thing I've learnt is that your house can never be as clean or as tidy as you wish it to be when you have kids (unless of course you have a maid to clean up the mess the whole time).

Another thing is that children are so full of energy that you someties wish that you could change their batteries from Energizer to some imitation brand batteries! I was worn out by the end of the first day. And Sean is already much easier to take care of these days!

Well, I got to go now. I think my charge has awaken from his nap. Haha..wish me luck! =)

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Viloshena said...

wei u are getting extra training after the six years... this is only one la...wonder how we are going to take care of 40 in one class... and dats onli one class multiply it wit at least 5 classes that we will be teaching............my GOD we are going to be dead by the time school is over ... and thats onli in class...not counted the marking of books, register and extra curicular activities....better sleep and charge ourselves now...later we WILL need it...wei gud luck to u la

miss u la gal
when will u b coming back
thought of having a small gathering before our posting at least the kl folks...wat u think...sms me when u get back la..hv posted d gathering thing on tesl teyl...see la

bye lots of love