Monday, July 21, 2008

No longer a ping-pong ball

Hello everybody!
I finally got a room to myself. My elder sister and her husband have moved into their new house and my eldest sister and her family have returned to Singapore after a short visit. Muahahaha...I am so excited at the thought of being able to throw away all the "antiques" in the room that I can hardly wait to start work! From tomorrow onwards, when the mattress that Sean wee-weed in dries, I am going to finally be able to remove the bedframe that is my parents' wedding present from my uncle. Not that I don't appreciate the history...but I just can't wait to get rid of the things in my room. Yahoo!
I just hope that I don't get posted to a far off place where I am only able to return to my house once a year once I start making the room truly mine. Since we have not received our posting yet, I have been planning to make use of the time and repaint the room besides redecorating. Haha..hope fate is not that cruel to us!
Well, here's hoping that all the TEYL Cohort 1 will savour the holidays and get the posting place of their choice. Cheerios and miss you all! (Even you, Adilah and Azee...say I'm fat... =( ) hehe...


Viloshena said...

WAH!!!!!!1 at last y have ur own room....guess i will drop by once u hv decorated it...n painted it...hope u don plan to paint it ur self though...cause i know how u used to paint my nails...n the room is big n high...if u know wat i mean...jus joking la gal...m happy for when we come wat r u cooking for us la? hopefully its safe, cause i don hv a health insurance yet...

miss u to..
luv u gal
see u on d 28th

lil' Munchkin said...

dropping by to say HI!!!

PEACE...... ;P

TC honey! :)

FROZENinHELL said...

it has been a long time... still remember when we were in the same group.. actually, was afraid with u ler.. a beautiful n brilliant gurll..want free pizza??? give ur address ler.. if in the delivery area leh i antar... hehe