Saturday, August 23, 2008

Grateful...maybe not

After reading my friends' recount of the places that they have been sent to: Sabah and Sarawak, I truly feel ashamed of myself. Yes, I thank the greater power for placing me in Selangor. Yes, I thank the greater power for placing me in a "town". Yes, I thank the greater power that I have all the basic necessities and amenities. I am grateful that I have 24 hours' electric supply and endless supply of pipe water. I thank my friends who have been sent to nowhereland for reminding me of all the things that I should be thankful about.

I scoffed at an inspirational e-mail which I got which goes something like "for every 100 reasons there is that makes you cry, think of 1000 reasons to make you smile". To me, by the 10th reason to make me cry, I would have been suicidal already! Often, I forget about all the things that I should be grateful of and dwell on the things that I dislike about life. I suppose it happens to most people. We almost always need to lose "it" before we we realize the importance and significance of "it" in our lives.


Isn't it just a drag to be a human? I look at Charlie and Baby and Hunter and I think their only concern was whether there was food and whether I was home to protect them from the "big, bad man" of the house. Haha...

Look at the silly grin on his face! =P

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melwin kaur said...

cheer up!