Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Busy busy year!

Phew...Happy New Year everyone! So, how was your first day at school (to the teachers and students)? Mine was surprisingly quite all right. Except of course the part where I got the class that I specifically requested not to teach. Haha...well, we can't have everything our way, now can we?

Overall, I suppose I should be happy with my classes. It's better than Vilo's anyway, Years 2 to 6 English and Year One BM, not to mention other "lighter" subjects! Whoa...My classes this year are English, BM, Arts and Phys. Ed. I also got the very important position of Setiausaha Kokurirulum. Yay! Not to mention being the leader for RIMUP and the secretary of BM panel. Gosh... I love the job of a teacher. We really need to be omniscient and multitask and live, drink, eat, sleep teaching life! Woo hoot!!

Sigh...the life of a working adult. You thought studying was torturous? Hahaha...well, at least being a teacher means I still get to take off days like a student! :P Enjoy the rest of the month!

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