Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stress-relieving food

OMG...this is another emo post as I was thinking of what to have for lunch and dinner. I don't know why my craving is always for fast food...fried chicken in particular. A call to Jimmy and I received an earful, telling me many reasons why I should not be thinking of having fried chicken for lunch and/or dinner. And then I was like, "why did I call him in the first place? I could have had my fried chicken and he wouldn't even notice!"

So, after a refreshing shower, I was all dressed up (in proper T-shirt and jeans as opposed to my big T and shorts) and ready to have fried chicken in the fast food restaurant so that I don't leave any evidence for Jimmy to pick on. Just then, I saw my reflection in the mirror. And I lost my appetite to have fast food. You know, I read somewhere that losing weight is not just about exercise, it is 70% control of food intake. I can exercise every day for hours and still not lose any weight if I continue to eat the way I eat and more.

Humph...but the craving was bad. I really don't know what chickens did to me in my past life. I must have been a squirmy worm for many lives and been eaten by chickens over and over again, hence my intense love for chicken meat especially in times of stress! :P

To have fried chicken or not? I was still battling with the decision. I was hungry. The cheaper food stalls were already closed at that time. The ones that sell dinner were not open yet. My options, a ridiculously high-priced coffee shop, fast food, a "restaurant" that sells cakes and western food, or dim sum. As my legs carried me towards the fast food restaurant, I had a glimpse of some healthy looking girls in nice clothes. SIGH~~ I only had that kind of figure for 2 years max. Sadness crept into me.

To reflect I looked like this: (not too bad right? almost at my skinniest from the time I hit puberty)
to the whale that I look like now. really made me fat. Ten with the previous one, and three with Jimmy...OMG!!
Really need to go exercise more often. Who wants to join me to cycle at Taman Pertanian on a kid's bike?? :)
Cannot touch the ground with my feet with the adults' bikes la...

P/S: Oh, what did I have in the end for lunch/dinner? A cup of coffee, a slice of swiss roll and loh mai kai. :) Need to lose weight babeh!

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