Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tidiness vs Cleanliness

I admit that I am an extremely untidy person. Those who have stayed with me would know that I have things strewn all over my room. But, I must say, although my room is messy, I do clean up my room. I am quite particular about cleanliness, just not the tidiness. :P

I normally become very particular about tidiness when my stress level is very high. Then, I will throw a lot of things, drag a lot of things out and tidy them up. Of course, almost every time after I do that, I will regret later because I would find a lot of new things which I have kept for a long time and got new ones because I forgot about them, and also because I wouldn't be able to find the things that I normally would be able to find when everything is everywhere.

I really don't know how Jimmy is taking my untidiness. He is almost as messy as I am, but I am better than he is in the sense that at least I clean up! :P But then, I dislike the fact that people complain about my messiness. Hey, I am living in it and I don't/didn't ask you to live in my mess! So, what gives you the right to complain? Anyway, if you don't like it, don't look at it la. What's your probrem? That's why I get very agitated and offended when my current housemates complain about the many things in my room. "Suka hati gua la! U blow ar?"I wish to shout at them when they say my room is messy.

Sigh~~ unfortunately, the past few weeks have made me look at the state of my room (and the state of my school table) and smile shyly coz they are really in a mess!! So, before I go and study for my exam this Friday, I'm gonna clean it up! Will show you the after picture when I've cleaned it up. :P

P/S: Don't complain! I'm just showing it to you to share. You don't have the right to complain. :P
My table full of unmarked books due to the Sports Day rehearsal.
My untidy working table with my coffee mug, printer and what nots.
My unmade bed because I was almost late this morning.

The worst, most untidy part of the room. Gosh...mandarin oranges from February! Ewwww...

Haha...phew..that is relieving...I'll show you the after pictures in a few days...watch out for the transformation. :)


m_kaur said...

its ok lah.. still got place to sleep right... thats important...off the lights... wont be able to see hehehehe
miss u all... cant wait to see u all
all the best

Jiawen said...

Hehe...what happened to your blog wei? Turn off the lights and I'll trip on the things. And how about during the day? :)

mNhL said...

LOL! I think I;m somehow like that too. I like clean room but I;m lazy to tidy my room. Haha...

When my BIG baby (hubby) and small baby (kids) mess up my room, I will wait till I have the mood to tidy them up. Otherwise, those things can be lying there for months as long as they does not block my walking way !