Monday, May 10, 2010

Lousy service providers

Oh my...Malaysia's network service providers are really lousy!!

My Celcom broadband has been rather hopeless for the past week. Maybe it is because of the thick rain clouds, but the connection was horrible. I haven't been able to log on to Yahoo for 2 weeks now. And my facebook is also neglected. Sigh..."bik chik".

The other day, my phone line got barred. Ok, so I forgot to pay last month. Since the line is under my father's name, I pay in advance as though I was using pre-paid to avoid my father paying for me. So, my last payment of RM 500 was in December and I forgot to pay last month. When I got the message of possible service interruption, I went to the nearest branch to pay. But they only open during office hours (coincidentally, the time where most people would be at work). So anyway, I saw a new payment machine that was not there the last time I paid. So, I paid using the bank card, thinking that it is so convenient for me to make payments now. Two weeks later, my phone line got barred. I could only call the customer service.

Me: Hello, my line got barred today but I paid via the machine number XXY. This is my transaction number ABA.
Woman: Oh, the system was not updated. How much did you pay?
Me: RM 200. Can you un-bar the number for me?
Woman: May I know who is on the line?
Me: (My name). The number is under (DAD).
Woman: Oh, then I need to speak to your father to un-bar the number.
Me: What for? I can give you his IC number and details. Just un-bar the number.
Woman: Sorry, Miss. It is the procedure. Just ask your father to call us and we will un-bar your number.
Me: That is ridiculous. You barred my number. My father is not anywhere near me. How am I supposed to ask him to call you? I can give all the details that you need!
Woman: I'm sorry Miss. I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Angry, I was ready to go to war with people in DiGi. I had to wait for an hour before anyone served me. Most of the customers were there because their Iphones had problems (hahaha...too high tech dy...use the traditional phones, no problem one...). So anyway, the person who served me was very nice and unbarred my number right away. Apparently there was some problem with my bank or something. I was given the transaction number as though it was completed even though the transaction was not successful. So, I had to pay a second time at the machine, using cash.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder...procedures are important, but I am making payment. I am not asking for an extenion of credit. Why the heck do you need to speak to my father to un-bar my number??!! If I had just asked any man to pose as my father, the person wouldn't know either right?



Gratitude said...

hahahahaha another case of a dissatisfied customer. It is quite the norm these days. What-to-do, Malaysian companies are severely lacking as good service providers. Monies that are supposed to be used for employee training are often channeled elsewhere eg directors' benefits.

mNhL said...

oh yes..i hate those people do things following the book. Can't they just be flexible a bit. Yalar..simply get someone to pose as your father, who knows. haha

Jiawen said...

Gratitude: Haha...Actually, I think the woman is too well-trained. Follow everything to a T. :) Really sad how Malaysian system never improves.

mNhL: Exactly my sentiments. If I had posed as my father instead of telling her that it's not my father, she wouldn't know either. Hahaha...