Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting wha?

Following the Chinese Hokkien custom that when there is any death in the family, any celebrations must be done within a hundred days or wait for 3 years. Hence, my wedding has to be rescheduled to take place within the hundred days. Truth is, I had actually wanted to wait for the three years but it is not fair for certain parties; so, everything has to be done in lightning speed.

From expecting to be married at the end of the year or sometime next year, I got the date from the Feng shui Master for Sepember this year, and now, I'm suddenly going to be registered in June and have the Chinese ceremony in July. Wow...It is hard to digest. :)

So, what have I done so far for my wedding? Erm...I did start a diet. And then I lost control and almost gained back all the weight I'd lost. Jimmy and I have started the renovation works to our house with almost no input from me as I do not care much for designs, compared to practicality.

Everyone around me has been asking me if I am stressed out. Truth is, I think the reality hasn't sunk in. Hahaha...I think I will feel the stress when I try on wedding dresses that don't fit well the day after tomorrow. -.-"

In the meantime, let's just chill. =)


Gratitude said...

Chill ya, just let everything flow and take its due course. It's supposed to be a celebration and that's why you have to savour every moment leading upto the big day ;)

Hayley said...

Take it easy... you got lots of things to do coming up... =)

mNhL said...

wow....everything have to be done in a lightning speed. hehe..... enjoy with the preparations..it only happen once in your lifetime. ;D

Alice Law said...

LOL, slow down your heart beat... not good for you, lol! No worries about your weight, sure come down if you were busy with all the wed preparation! All the best, good luck!^^