Sunday, July 16, 2006

First Week in UM

Yup, one week has passed since I started my class in UM. How does it feel like? Well, I am still quite lost and not used to the place and how things work over there...all this makes me miss MPIK so much. Not that I'm thrown all alone in the abyss of UM life, but I miss the lecturers and the small, lousy yet cosy college. *sigh* I remember that I couldn't wait to leave all these MPIK-ians behind me, yet I stick to them now as though my life depended on them, which in a way, it does...
Anyway, as most would have known, I'm staying at MIllenium Court which is only a 10 minutes walk away from my faculty. So far, so good. My new roomie is a Sarawakian Chinese girl who has been living there for 2 years but is moving away. Apparently, the place is no longer as safe as it used to be coz there are many foreigners who disturb the girls there. Well, thank goodness I have yet to encounter that. The only person who spoke to me at random was the guard. Haha..big joker, thought I was a foreigner! =P But crossing my fingers that my new-new roomie will be as nice as the one I'm staying with right now.
I have been trying to be independent in my new life in UM. No car! Yay...going to resist the temptation for at least another week or hopefully, another month. Seriously, I don't have to have a car...I walk to my faculty and when I have a class at this freaking far faculty, I get a free ride from my friend! Ahaha...nah..gonna try taking the in-campus bus next week. Not bringing a car doesn't mean I'm going to stick like a leech to my friends who do bring their cars! Though I don't fancy the idea of walking to that faculty for that one class, I know the way and can spend my time for a leisure walk 2 hours before and after the class! =P (My poor friends had to walk 40 minutes on the first day and not even ten minutes after arriving, the lecturer dismissed the class! Sheesh!)
I took the bus the other day to go home and I quite enjoyed the experience. Thank goodness for Melwin or I think I wouldn't know where to stop. =) And then I was on the train to go home to Rawang, the people were pushing and shoving their way in as usual. It took a teenage girl in her school uniform to get the working adults in order! She was so agitated that she "shouted" at her friend, for the benefit of all those barbarians around her, to be more courteous and allow people to disembark first before alighting the train. =) I truly respect this girl! I wouldn't have had the courage to ask these barbarians in suit to act in a civilized manner. Imagine! People were even shoving this pregnant lady, and when I tried to give my seat to this lady, people were just standing there, looking and blocking the way! And the only other person who willingly stood up when this pregnant lady came in was an old lady! What happened to chivalry or heck! can't those youngsters stand for a bit?? *sigh* Courtesy campaign? I think we can't only focus on the youngsters but have to focus on those in their 20s, 30s and 40s as well. Courtesy died long ago in our country. blog this time around is kind of jumbled up. Well, too many things have happened since the last blog. Trying to remember everything and type them down is rather tricky with this memory of mine. Haha...gotta go read some stuff on the computer now. Hmm..still not used to the idea of getting notes online. Well, gotta learn to change and move forward sooner or later, right?
Ooh...does anyone know of any part time clerical job available? That is my next move towards more independence! ;P Let me know. Til the next post, take care!

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