Friday, October 09, 2009

The matter with fish...

Haha...thanks Melwin!

This week had been hectic. I was supposed to set the question for Year 4 BM this time around. And as I am a procrastinator, I did the work only last weekend. I completed setting the questions last Sunday. I finished the work quite quickly because I had already chosen the questions beforehand.

As the exam is only a week away, I thought I could send my papers for photocopying by the past Monday after being checked by the person-in-charge. Unfortunately, I did not trust the person-in-charge. The person has a reputation of not being responsible. So, what I did was probably not right but I did not think that it was wrong at that time. I showed my questions to my subject supervisor. This subject supervisor(SS) of mine had my utmost respect and admiration.

So anyway, the person-in-charge looked very worried when she came to see me. She told me that her pupils told her that they had done the essay before in their tuititon class conducted by my SS. My SS had actually mentioned it and I thought it was all right as the questions are all almost the same. But what made me wonder was why all of a sudden the pupils told the person-in-charge that they have done the question before.

I mean, I was sorely disappointed! What has become of the professionalism of teachers these days? I mean, it is very normal to want to help your own students, but to tell them the questions? Or even to remind them which essay that they have done to memorize! Isn't that against the whole teaching principal? As the teacher-in-charge to set the question, I did not tell the pupils which ones to look into. You know the whole concept of teach someone to fish rather than giving them a fish?


I am very naive. And slow. My housemates who joined the school with me seemed to know who is trustworthy in school and who we should be wary of WAYYYYY before I did. The life of a common there no one you can trust at your work place?

On a happier note, once the exams are over, I can't wait for the arrival of the holidays in peace!! Can't wait. Hehe...gotta go to bed early today for LADAP tomorrow. Night night people!

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melwin kaur said...

thanks for the mention hehehheh..

u will be amaze with what happens in my school...

now that the year 6 pupils hv finished their exams... they just play around... n thats annoys me... i do enter class,... but how to stay with the monsters for more than 2 i too leave them.... bad right...? teaching sucks... hehehe