Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Post for Hunter

I have a lot of work to do this weekend...typing out a piece of what-I-think-is-a-waste-of-paper document, marking 3 classes' test papers, marking some books that I lugged home, spending time with my family, resting...yet I was reading the book "Marley and Me" that I bought some time in March. I was tickled silly by the antics of Marley, even though I watched the movie.

Reading about Marley made me think about Hunter. Who, you ask? Remember Baby's last batch of cute puppies?

Yup, I had wanted to keep the laziest puppy I named Trevor. I kept it. After a few weeks, however, we decided that Trevor did not suit him. My whole family called him "Hantu" because he yelps and howls and barks whenever some one is near. And he is naughty. I mean really NAUGHTY. So, since my family kept calling him "Hantu", he kind of thought it was his name. And, I decided to change a little bit of the pronunciation so as not to confuse him, and call him "Hunter". Macho name what...

Yup..this is the face which melted my (and my family's) heart...

Amazingly, since the maid came and I was always not around. Hunter grew up to be not too close to me. Nevertheless, I am still the only one that he would jump up to greet and the only one he would howl a melody for when I return. However, his antics (milder than Marley's case, of course) had made him the most unwelcome living thing in the house. He digs holes eventhough he has been punished for it many times. He jumps up (only on me now) to greet. He bangs your face, aiming for your lips with his nose eventhough he is beaten many times for that. He runs out every time you open the gate. He howled until his voice is hoarse now.

And perhaps because I don't spend as much time with him, he is neglected by me. When he went missing for a few days the other time, my whole family was worried yet relieved at the same time. And can you believe that I have not taken any photo of him from the days of puppy-dom? I mean, I have so many photos of Baby and Charlie when they were younger. I stopped taking photos only last year because I don't know how to upload them to the laptop and my charger was missing and since I bought a new one, is with Jimmy.

I mean, I think Hunter is mentally unstable. Could be due to the mom's old age when she gave birth to the litter. Do you know that he doesn't know how to pee properly? He would walk around and suddenly stop and the next thing you know, he's peeing and he doesn't even squat a little like Charlie does, so he ends up spraying his front legs. Eeewww...and his old mom would sometimes still lick his pee or eat his crap as though he was still a 2 month old puppy. And the heartbreaking thing is that Baby is now the lowest in the dog-hierarchy. Her ingrate of a son would growl and bite the mom when she is eating what he deemed is his. The mom would also try to teach her son to not to get into trouble by nipping his ears or head when he has done something wrong but would end up being bitten by that rebellious son of hers. And the best part is that the crazy dog would look as happy as a looney when seconds earlier he was beaten by my father for a wrong doing.

He loves the rain. He loves to use his head to bang any part of your body. He loves to crash into you with his whole body when you are petting another dog. He bites his own tail to the point that it is bald. He uses his brute strength to pull on his chain and chokes himself in the process. He eats 3 adults' portions daily and is still hungry all the time.

I mean, I feel bad for him sometimes. As much as I think I love him, I could not bring myself to bond with him as much as I used to do with Baby and Charlie. He is uncontrollable. Sometimes in the evening, I'd bring Charlie out to ease himself, I'd play with Charlie and Baby for a while. And Hunter would look forlorn and wag his tail sadly. I'd let him go to join in the fun but he'd just crash into me or the other two and spoil the fun for everyone. So, chained up again, he would be. I really don't know how John Grogan and his family tolerated with Marley's behaviour. I mean, it must be taxing as marley lives in the house! But then again, I don't know if I can bring myself to put Hunter to sleep. So, he's born mentally unstable...doesn't he deserve a life, too? Who are we to decide that he should end his life much earlier than God intended?

Hmm..maybe I'll try to upload some photos of him next weekend when I'm not so busy... :)

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