Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Begone fatty tissues!

Thanks Melwin and mNhL for the comments.

Update on my sister: she was cleared of diabetes by the doctors, but it is a warning to all of us. However, she is still waiting to meet the neurologist to rule out a transient stroke. Hmm...

It's sad that some people who know that they are at risk do not take good care of themselves, saying that they would get whatever disease sooner or later. And then there are people who take good care of themselves and still get whatever disease that they are trying to avoid.

After my sister received her early diagnosis, I was determined to lose weight and make full use of my gym membership. Unfortunately, the determination only lasted for 3 days. LOL...joining the gym was my idea, but I hardly go now except for my appointments with my personal trainer. Yes, I engaged in personal training because I knew I would not go if I do not have a personal trainer to torture me.

6 months later, I actually GAINED 0.7 kilogram. How did that happen? I actually lost 2 kilos after 4 months of training but I got contented and ate and ate and ate. Hence, the gain of 2.7 kilos in the last 2 months!


My goal now is to lose a kilo by the end of August. My plan: Milo Fuze in the morning with 3 pieces of biscuits, rice in the afternoon, coffee in the evening and soya bean for dinner. Let's see how long I can last this time. :)

Any brighter ideas?

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mNhL said...

You should not torture yourself like that! I can't live if I don't eat a proper meal. Hubby and I are now eating Brown rice. Drink oats for b'fast. You can still eat the 'normal' food for your dinner though. I've read somewhere and the expert suggested to measure with your plate. Place 1/2 of the plate with green veges, 1/4 with rice and 1/4 with meat. Eat plenty of fruits which contain high fiber and good for digestion. Wish you luck!