Thursday, August 05, 2010

War in the Making

War is brewing under the seemingly-peaceful unit that I share with my two colleagues. Why? Because of the electricity bill and tuition. Huh? Yup, they are not very happy with each other because of the electricity bill that is creeping higher every month. With an air-cond each, one shouldn't be surprised that our electricity bill is in the RM300s range. But, there is amazingly the dissatisfaction that one stays at home more often than the other, thus using more electricity. Erm...I mean, I have stayed out since 2002 and I never encountered that kind of problem before (thank God, actually).

And what has tuition got to do with anything? Before we moved in together, my colleague and I agreed that the place that we live in should be a place for us to relax after work. When my second colleague moved in, she was in need of money, so we let her use the living area to give tuition in the evenings on alternate weekdays. And somehow, a student in my first colleague's class joined my second colleague's tuition and I believe that is the root of the other half of the dissatisfaction.

Hmm...what do I do? I keep to myself like a hermit. Once I come home, I stay in the room and do not go out unless I need to use the washroom. Even without much interaction with the two warriors, I get annoyed sometimes because of petty things that they do: my detergent container is filled with water and extremely dirty toilet. By which the latter encourages me to go to the gym more often just to use the shower. LOL

I totally miss my 2 and a half goofy housemates and the blur roomie. Those were the days when we could have enjoyed ourselves but decided to sleep our time away. :)

Don't have a photo with my blur roomie. Woon, come let's go lepak so that I can put your blur face on my blog! :P


Gratitude said...
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Gratitude said...

Such a normal occurence these days. True colours are shown when living under the same roof. And poor you, being sandwiched in between the warring factions. Perhaps you cld get them to talk it out..... be the mediator to salvage the friendship. Pls dun let them turn it into a shout-fest. All the best ya. :)

mNhL said...

Horrible. Luckily you are not invovled in anyway! To be staying under 1 roof with your enemy is not easy. Home should be a place of comfort and a place we look forward to after a hard day of work. Hope your 2 coll will solve this problems soon.

m_kaur said...

i look fat in this pic...
water n detergent... wei kick them out....

pray that i get transfer and u can move in with me!

miss u too1