Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bleak future

Thanks +Ant+ and mNhL for your comments. :) I haven't tried eating grubs although I had plenty of opportunities in China and Thailand. How does it taste, +Ant+?


Another day of having my body cells die by the millions: what has happened to our children these days? It is sad to know that many children these days are emotionally unstable or just plain spoiled to the point that you wish to blame their rudeness to a less-than-happy family upbringing.

What would you do, parents, if your child tells you that he/she cannot show you the exam paper because the teacher has kept the exam paper from him/her? Would you believe your child and blame the teacher or would you clarify it with the teacher first? Or what would you do as an adult, or put yourself in the shoe of a teacher, if a child tells you that another teacher has asked 4 of them to stay in the class to finish their work when the entire school (inclusive of the said teacher) has to be at the assembly? Would you believe what the child says?

I think many people are blinded by their love/guilt/protectiveness over the child that they would leave their logic behind. I mean, why would the teacher keep the child's paper when he/she has returned all the papers to the others? And, would a small fry of a teacher dare to excuse 4 children from an assembly when even he/she has to attend it?

I am really afraid of how our future leaders would turn out to be. Liars. Rude boors. Spoiled brats. Unthinking generation.

What is your take?


MANDY said...

isn't easy to bcome a teacher ~well....i ady give up my dream to bcome a teacher~good luck to you=)

mNhL said...

What a tough job a teacher can be. But the parents also plays an important role. Lets hope our future leaders are just being mischievous now (As a child) and will be mature enough in the future (adult).

Alice Law said...

I'm a mother of 2 toddlers... and I did lies during my school days too just for the sake to protect myself from blames!

I'll sure clarify by my kids' teacher too, and ask my kids to apologies if they had made a mistake... it's a norm to make mistake, most important is they learn their lesson and try not to repeat it again.:)