Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I love my old man

I was reading a blog post about a day out with papa and was suddenly inspired to write about MY days out with my beloved papa. :)

The way with typical Chinese family where both parents are Chinese-educated is that the children will never be really close buds with the parents. My family is one of these families. I grew up knowing that my parents love us very much but in their own ways. There never was any outward displays of affection. My father was strict but he never raised his hands on us (except for one time, which I still complain about until today).

So anyway, my siblings and myself were always closer to my mother when we were younger. Then, when my eldest brother and sister went to study overseas, my father must have suddenly realised that children grow up very fast and that he must spend some time with his younger two. So, my elder sister and myself got all my father's attention from the time when I was about 9.

Being the youngest, I got away with a lot of things with my father. And to be fair, my sister was my mom's favourite, and I became the apple of my father's eye. My dad and I used to quarrel a lot...and we actually enjoyed the tongue sparring. =)

Recently, (well not so recently actually), I went on a movie-date with my dad. A lot of people looked at us in a strange manner, possibly thinking that I was my dad's young wife. LOL We were at the airport once and my dad was buying me bottles of perfume when the cashier tactfully asked for our relationship and I had to call my dad "Papa" so many times because people were giving us looks.

And my friends all think that it is so nice to be going out with your dad because our dads' generation just don't do these kinds of thing!

Ooh...I also go shopping with my dad quite often...as in buying household stuff. Hehe...Sigh...and to the little sprouts' mama: don't worry, your children will understand that their papa loves them very much when they are a little bit older. :)

To all you Chinaman papas out there, go take your kids out la. It's really not that bad! ;)

Googled for image. Love the warmth. Can you feel it? :)


Alice Law said...

I really envy you of having a wonderful dad... I wasn't complain about my late daddy, but he never bring us out without my mom's company... never hug me though, till his last breath!

So... I bet you really proud of your dad, do treasure the moment you have with him now, it's memorable and profoundly precious!:)

Have a nice day!
p/s: Nice story you have there!

Alice Law said...

Kiahahaha! So you were mentioned about My Little Sprouts, I was astonished to find the link browsed back to mine... cheers and keep well!^-^

Jiawen said...

Hahaha...Alice, actually I was reading your blog, that's why suddenly inspired. :)

And I was really touched reading +Ant+'s post as well.

Yup, I have a wonderful Chinaman dad. I have hugged him only once so far. Plan to poach him and hug him again. LOL...have a nice day too!

Gratitude said...

Awwwww, your post reminded me too of all the great times I had bonding with my late-Dad. You are blessed! ^_^

mNhL said...

Awww.....such a great dad and daughter bonding. I'm very close to both my parents. But never went out alone with neither one. Strange. Both of them must stick together. haha