Thursday, April 26, 2007

Different chromosomes, different species?

Yay! Brian fixed my keyboard for me!! No more cryptic messages! Hehe...for a while, I was using one of his old keyboards whose space bar was very difficult to press. IwasthinkingoftypinganotherpostusingthekeyboardbutIthinkit'dbedifficulttoreadawholepost
withoutspacebar; so, I thought I'd spare you from it. Hehe...

Apparently my keyboard button thingy wasn't touching the sensing thingy properly, so Brian tightened the thingies for me, and voila! a perfectly fine keyboard. Hehehe...One of those things that I don't understand about computer/ guy language. Whatever it was, my keyboard is working now, so I don't have to understand anything anyway!

Speaking of the things that I don't understand about guys, here are some things I've observed in the men around me which don't make sense to me:

1. DoTA / Computer games
- I suppose this only applies to the men of the younger generation. 8 out of 10 guys below the age of 30 that I know are addicted to DoTA, Counter Strike, Need for Speed, Command and Conquer etc. I mean, I know that computer games are addictive. I know of girls (and sometimes myself) who play computer games a lot too. But I noticed that girls know how to control their urges to play computer games. Guys, on the other hand... I know some guys who would rather play games late into the night then get a good night's rest (when they have work or class the next morning!). And to quote a guy friend of mine "If I don't play DoTA, I cannot sleep!". Hmmm....

2. Speeding
- Ok la, so I understand that in Malaysia it is difficult to survive on the road if you are courteous. But why is there a need to "fly" on the road and "cucuk" (follow closely) people? And you know what is the worst part? Guys would drive 140 km/hour and it would be a normal speed; and then they would yell at their girl friend/wife/daughter/sister for driving too fast when she drives at 90 km/hour!

3. Shopping (or their lack of interest in)
- Brian is a rare gem for being a straight guy who wouldn't mind going shopping with his girlfriend. Ok, so he complains a bit when I see the magic S word, or when I have dragged him around the whole shopping mall for more than 3 hours. But at least, he goes shopping with me and lets me buy things to my heart's (or pocket's) content! Hehe... my sister complained that she doesn't like shopping with my brother-in-law because he'd complain non-stop about almost everything. And my father and brother almost never went shopping with their wives. Buying grocery yes; but not buying clothes or just to window shop. Why hah? Shopping is so pleasurable! No need to buy la, sometimes just window shopping and imagining that you owned some of those stuff is fun! And, not to mention, you can burn calories without even breaking a sweat! Hehe...

*Oh, for those of you who are interested, there is a warehouse sale (Guardian, Times Bookstore and some clothes - Abercrombie and Fitch, Camel etc) in Jalan Bersatu, Section 13/4 from today to 2nd of May. There are banners all along the road. It is near UTAR. Some of the Guardian stuff is cheap. Books are also at least RM7 off (for more popular titles like Da Vinci Code etc). Clothes, I don't know. May be ciplak stuff, but affordable la.

There are more things that I don't understand about men but I need to hit the books already. Exams in 2 days' time and haven't even finished reading half!! Wish me luck!!


fluotone said... thingies... heheh love you!

melwin said...

yes the more i think of it the more questions i hv about why men hv different set of rules for women n men....
the driving part i agree the most....when i drive.. the mistakes i make r more visible to my dad than the mistakes my bros make when they r driving...i think better get a driving instructor hehehe
ok hv fun studying

love to go to book sales but as usuall no money! hmmm
can borrow the books u bought? hehehe

Adrian said...

Hmmm....and i thought i was being the sexist .. =p actually, not all guys are hooked onto dota..well i was..but i kinda stopped after a while since it got boring.. (or i got better.. =p) *note that it was 2 years ago actually. As for the driving, honestly..the way some girls drive, its gonna make the insurance companies profit for guys would wanna run to the nearest agent to sign up for one.. =p (then again, i do perform much "stunts" while im driving as Brian would say)..and lastly...i don't mind the S word..... x_x

Jiawen said...

Brian: I'm going to edit that! If only I can remember what are those thingies called...circuitory board? and what ar??

Melwin: :) Sure, but I only bought 1 book...

Adrian: Haha..not being sexist...entirely. Haha...can't blame me right? =P Yay! Can go shopping together!! :P