Friday, June 22, 2007

Australia - Day 2 Movie World

Yup, after much needed rest (about 12 hours for me, haha), the three of us were eager to start another round of thrill-seeking. This time, we went to Warner Brothers' Movie World.

Like the day before, we were there by 945. So there were not many people, save for a few tour groups and some people wearing cocktail dresses who were there for the premiere of Shrek 3. With the map of the theme park in hand, we started our day in the Batman-themed rides. First, we went on what looked like a much lower version of the Solero Shot. We were the first batch of people to go on it so we did not know what to expect. It was just a ride that propels you to the top of the tower and then drops you slowly. We went on that ride three times that day.

After that ride, we went to the Batman Mansion for a motion-master-like ride. Before the ride began, a bunch of us were told that we were on a mission. And with the mission, we went from room to room and helped Batman deal with the Joker, Catwoman and Freezone.

After the Mansion, we went to the Superman's ride. THIS IS A MUST TRY FOR EVERYONE!! We went on it twice and if not for the long queue, we would have gone on it again and again and again. The story is like this: we were on the Metroline or something but the station has been destroyed by bad people. Our train cannot stop at the station and has to keep moving. Alas! Our train came to a complete halt just after the burning station. What are we to do?? Then, Superman appeared at the end of the train and calmed us down, "Don't worry. I will push you out of here...FAST". And with that, we travelled super fast (something about 4 G and negative 1 G?? - or like my friend told us, from 0 to 100km/hour in 0.3 secs) down the roller-coaster-like rail. Whoa...I came down with bruises on the back of my arms because I was afraid and kept pushing back at the chair. Hahaha...but it was simply AWESOME!!!

You can see William here...

After the super-thrilling ride, we went to the Lethal Weapon-themed roller coaster ride. It was another awesome ride. We went upside down many times, with the ground just barely a metre or two above our heads. That was why they not only have a minimum height, but a maximum height imposed for that ride. I took photos of William on the ride. I was too slow to take photos of him coming in, and took the people behind him instead, that explains his "d'uh" look afterwards. Hehehe...

Me camwhoring with William's stuff. Look cool, eh?

There are not as many rides in Movie World, so we managed to go twice on most rides. We also went on the Scooby Doo ride which basically tossed us around in a dark room. Super cool wei...There was another ride whose theme was an old Western gold-mining movie which got us all wet (and sent William's cap flying. Hahaha). What I like about the rides there is that they do not just propel you forward, some rides reverse and make the ride even scarier because you cannot see just how steep the fall is.

After the rides and some lunch, we went and watched Police Academy-themed stunt show.

You can't go to Warner Brothers' and not watch the Parade! Austin Powers, Scooby Doo and gang, Shrek and gang, Batman and gang, and not to be missed, Bugs Bunny and friends were all there waving away. After much hysterical screaming for more of the cartoon characters (no, seriously ;) haha), we went and watched Shrek 4D. The 4th D, to some who might not know, is the special effects such as water or air that can is on the 3D screen e.g. Donkey sneezed and you get a bit of water sprayed onto your face etc.

Sesat characters? Nah...just three flers on their way to the 4D cinema.

After another fun day out, we went back to Surfers' Paradise for some shopping! Look what we found!

Vibrators!! And lots of different brands too. Haha...I also saw some things that I never knew existed. For guys, girls and SMs...Hahaha...

Who can say that they've been to Surfer's Paradise without actually going to the beach? While William was busy taking photographs of the beach and himself at night, Brian and I were also camwhoring. Haha...Ooh...and William got a super cute present from the beach too. Maybe he will update about it later.

Anyways, more in the next post. Hehe...


melwin said...

looks like u all had so much of fun....
its nice....the rides sound awesome
put up more pictures... or maybe u can show it to me when i meet u
so bought any of the Vibrators!!? heheheheeheheheheh

William Leong said...

no.1 - its mr. freeze.

no.2 - there were no bad guys in the superman ride. its an earthquake.

no.3 - i din take any pics of that 'super cute present'. so dunno will update on it or not.

fluotone said...

hmm... din take much pictures of u and me together at WB to post huh?

Jiawen said...

Melwin: Din buy the vibrators. Haha...our friends keep talking about "Dildo" that I thought it is available also in Msia. Din know that there's not much choice back here. :P

William: Sorry, din know the name of the characters. And how'd you know it was an earthquake? Could be bombed ma..or up to our own interpretation?? Hehe... and it's ok if you din update about your prezzie. ;)

Jiawen said...

Sweetheart: Yup, din take many pics together in WB. Nvm, will post other photos, k? Love you!!