Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Australia - Day 3 Brisbane City

The next day, we went to Brisbane City. Yup, I forgot to tell the guys that it would be better if we were able to make it to the city during the weekend because there would be more activities there. So, because of my blunder, there wasn't much to see in the city. Well, because it is just another city.

We drove an hour plus to get to the city. We originally wanted to go to the Art Centre but the parking there was expensive. After a bit of discussion, we decided to just walk around the shopping area and maybe try to get to the koala sanctuary out of the city. My initial "mission" to Australia this time was to cuddle a koala (not many places in Australia allow it).

So anyway, we walked around the main shopping area *Willie says it's Queen Street Mall* and went to visit a couple of cathedrals/ churches. Like I said, there is really nothing much to see in the City - we basically just walked around, looking at the sights and that was pretty much it.

Finding our way around the city.

One of the many beautiful parks around the city.

Inside one of the cathedrals.

For lunch, we bought Pizza and ate in a park near where we parked the car. Lunch that day was one of the most filling one we had in the entire trip! Haha...Anyway, after walking around for another hour, we decided to head back to Surfer's Paradise.

The view from our picnic spot.

In one of the shopping malls in the city.

While Willie went off to more of his walks, Brian and I went shopping (again, YAY!) at IGP. Yup, shopping is the best thing to do when you have nothing to do. Hehe...Anyway, like most Malaysians do when they are in Australia, we bought loads of Tim Tams. And I do mean LOADS. After shopping for other stuff like instant noodle and what-nots, we decided to head back to the apartment.

My mom told me to watch the sunrise at Surfer's Paradise because it was beautiful. We missed going out in the morning (Willie complained about it as usual - :P) because I couldn't get my cold butt out of the warmth of the bed. So, determined not to miss it, I decided that Brian and I would go watch it the next morning before we leave for the airport to go to Sydney.

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