Friday, June 29, 2007

Australia - Day 4 Sydney

Like I said, my mom told me that I should try to catch sunrise at Surfer's Paradise. Being in Gold Coast the last day, I was determined not to miss it. Willie went and watched the sunrise the morning before and he told us that sunrise was at 5+. So, both Brian and I braved the cold and dragged ourselves out of the warmth of the coccoon of the comforter and left the apartment slightly before 5 a.m. We had actually wanted to take the car but for some reason the car wouldn't start. Oh no! Time was ticking away! It was already 5 a.m.!

Without trying to figure what was wrong with the car, we quickly walked towards the beach. There was no one around except for a few odd joggers (who were in shorts) and a man doing yoga in the park. The sky was pitch black and the wind was howling. Brian and I were freezing. When we reached the beach at about 520 a.m., the beach was empty and dark. The waves were roaring at a distance. Brian and I decided to wait for the sunrise at McDonalds opposite the beach. We waited and waited and waited in the freezing cold, drinking a cup of fast-cooling tea. Finally, we asked an employee and he told us that sunrise wasn't until 6+. GRRRRRRR...

Since we were already there, we continued waiting and the sun rose at approximately 615 a.m. but we could not see much because there were lots of cloud...

At around 6 a.m.

The sun had risen, the clouds were blocking it and my camera sucks. But nothing is better than freezing my nose off with Brian. :P

When we got back, we had to quickly pack and leave for the airport which was an hour away. The car started when Willie pressed the clutch before/ while starting the car. Apparently it was a safety feature. So anyway, we drove to return the car at the international airport, got a shock because of all the surcharges and was driven to the domestic airport less than 2 km away.

About 2 hours later, we were in Sydney!! We bought a weekly travel pass and took the train to King's Cross where our hotel is. King's Cross is a red-light district which is quite notorious. My father's friends have warned me to not to go out at night and to be extra careful when they heard that I'll be staying there. Well, accommodation in Sydney is expensive and the cheapest and most value for money place that we could find was in King's Cross, so King's Cross it was. We reached King's Cross at around 1 p.m., so we dropped our bags at the hotel and went for lunch nearby. Instead of retracing our steps back to the hotel, we went for a walk and went past many, many backpackers inns. Yup, it was a haven for backpackers, and not too expensive either.

We didn't want Willie to blame us entirely for spoiling his backpacking trip, so we asked Willie to stay at the backpackers if he wanted to. We had already pre-paid the hotel that we booked, so whether or not we stayed there the money would be deducted. Looking longingly at William packing his bags to go to one of the backpackers inns, Brian and I went to the suite that we had booked. Sigh...the problem with travelling as a well-protected girl - you can't do many adventurous stuff without worrying your old folks and your boss. I truly envy some people who don't give a damn and can do what they well please. Heck, I always tell my mom (she wouldn't allow me to go out on my own anymore these days. Damn those robbers and rapists!) that if something bad happens to me even after I've taken all those precautions, it will be just my luck la. SIGH~~ So anyway, like old folks, Brian and I stayed in a suite while Willie travelled like a youngster should.

After checking into our respective hotel/inn, we took the train to go to Queen Victoria Buiding (QVB) and Hyde Park which are near Town Hall. The parks there are simply beautiful. There are also many art sculptures scattered around town. And when I say art sculpture, it is art sculpture and not those giant durians that we have in the middle of a roundabout, which costs at least triple of what it should, courtesy of the people's money.

The famous QVB behind us.

One of the many art sculptures scattered around the city. Hmm...what art is that red one? :P

After that, we went to the Anzac Memorial and went past a few well-known cathedrals. Then, we walked all the way to Darling Harbour to have dinner. It is so beautiful and you can't help but envy the Australians for having so many places to just relax. Not to mention the weather was also perfect when we were there...

Anzac Memorial at Hyde Park.

Breathtaking view at Darling Harbour. Even my camera can capture the beauty!

Willie continued taking photographs around Darling Harbour and went off to get his free booze while Brian and I chomped down on our whole chicken in the food court(hey, cold weather and a lot of walking make people hungry, ok!). As Brian was worried for my safety (damn my big mouth for telling him what the uncles told me), we went back to the hotel right after that. Sure enough, on our way back, we saw lots of prostitutes and bouncers. Surprisingly, I feel much safer in King's Cross at night than in KL in the afternoon...

Stay tuned for more of Sydney in the next post!

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fluotone said...

honestly, nobody knew why the car didn't work! even willie experimented before he foundout.hehe being the grumpy me of not bothering to know :P love you sweetheart...B