Friday, March 02, 2007

Chinese New Year Day 3

It used to be a tradition for a bunch of us to go Ang Pow Hunting come Chinese New Year. I think the tradition started with those of us who went to Mdm Lau's Mandarin tuition class back when we were in Primary 5 or 6. The group grew bigger when we entered secondary school and started to invite friends from other SRKs (national schools). Being the unofficial leader of the group, I never did invite or offer to join the chinese-medium school students in our quest for more ang pows. Hehehe...yeah...I'm biased but I felt more comfortable in my bunch of friends who can switch from cantonese to mandarin to english to malay comfortably. =P
So, anyway, our group would normally start early in the morning in Country Homes where about 3 of our "members" lived (Szet Li, Kim Kun, Han Wee and occasionally Khai Yan). In every house that we visit, we would eat junk food and drink canned drinks for about half an hour and then move to the next place. Sometimes, we would visit other friends who live in the area or show up unannounced. Hehehe...
Since we didn't drive back then, my mother, my sis and my neighbour would have to drive the 13-16 of us to Taman Garing where me and Jun June live. By that time, it would be noon. After our place, we would be chauffeured to Green Park where William, Hooi Wen, Chin Guan and Sophia, Lay Choo and Chee Han live. And by the end of the day, we would be about RM 20 richer and happy but tired. For 2 years I think, we had steamboat in Chee Han's place at the end of the day. Ahh~ those were the days. I do not have the pictures to show because my best friend has not given me the copies yet. (!!)
The last of these group visiting days for me was in Form 5. After that, the group members just went their own ways. Occasionally, my best friend would drag me along to a few people's house and that's it.
This year however, the idea of having another group gathering struck us. Most of our friends took extra off days from Uni and would still be around town. So, my mother offered to (ask the maid to) make lunch and since we all drive now, we do not have to start early in the morning. We started at 130 p.m. (almost 2 p.m.) with about 11 people (1 new face to me, 1 Chindian, 1 Purtuguese/Chinese, and 1 Indian- having non-Chinese is a first in our ang pow hunting group). Of the original 12 ex-SRK pupils-only group, only 4 turned up that day. Others were busy or were not at home.
Even so, it was fun to have that gathering. People whom have not met the other for at least 3 years, gathering at one place, eating, drinking and talking together. There were awkward silences but luckily Collin can talk about anything! Haha..thanks, man! And not forgetting William who is the King of Craps (that's a compliment, ok?) =P. Even my parents who prefer quiet and calm enjoyed the din that my group of friends were causing! Hahaha...
I truly enjoyed myself that day. It was a very nice feeling to be among old friends again. I doubt that there would be more opportunities for these kinds of gathering once we start working. Maybe we should do it again next year. Perhaps then, we can start collecting ang pow from our own friends instead! ;P Chee Han, we're counting on you!


melwin said...

so now u can share ur ang pau with me...hehehehe

William Leong said...

kita sama sama raid cheehan next year.... make sure at least give 10 bucks a person (dun wan USD la, pity him Sing$ enough d)