Friday, March 30, 2007

Telawi Street Bistro

Ok, here are some poor-quality photographs which I took with my phone again. This time, it was taken when Brian took me to a pub in Bangsar for the first time! The idea of going to a pub in Bangsar had always given me the impression of hip-ness and happening-ness. Well, what can I say? For a girl who had never been to a pub, and who had grown up thinking that happening kids hang out in Bangsar, drinking their heads silly all the time...Ok la...let's just say that I am an innocent and naive girl la, k? :P

So, anyway, Brian took me to Telawi Street Bistro, which is one of the more popular pubs there, I think. I was very excited before we got there, but after stepping into TSB, I realised that there's nothing to be excited about. It's just like any other restaurants or cafe, except that it is dimmed and has high stools and a bar in the middle. Erm...and it serves a lot of alcoholic drinks with exorbitant prices. Oh...and the sky or fruit juice is even more expensive than the alcoholic drinks! Anything else...erm..nah...

Well, as it was my first time in a pub and I don't know much about liquor except for red wine, champagne and Bailey's, Brian recommended me to have a shooter. I had never heard of a shooter before. Basically, it is a small shot of a combination of liquor. I forget the name of the shooter that I had, but it was a combination of kahlua, Bailey's and some other stuff. So, you are supposed to take the whole thing at one go or something. Whether or not you are supposed to do it that way, I drank the whole shot at a go, and boy did it burn! Blegh...*cough, cough*

I must have been thirsty or something because after that shooter, I had a bit of Brian's beer AND I ordered a cocktail, which tasted quite OK. Besides drinking like a fish, we also ordered fried calamari rings. Anyway, I am not a drinker. My face felt warm minutes after I finished my shooter and the whole place seemed to be floating (probably why Brian insists that I only drink when he or my family members are around). Haha...

So, these are the pictures of the stuff that we ordered:

My Shooter

My Cocktail

I don't remember ordering this, must be Brian's.

Brian's beer which I drank to wash down the shooter! Yeah...kinda dumb of me.

The yummy fried calamari rings.

So, my say on that place? Cool..but a tad expensive. Drinks are also much better than Rum Jungle, which reminds me: GIRLS, RUM JUNGLE IS SO NOT A CLUB! Those who convinced us long, long ago that they were happening because they hung out at clubs such as Rum Jungle are SO lame. We could have told them that we hung out in Secret Recipe and convinced them that we were chic too. Haha...which, of course we are! ;P I'll bring you girls out to a nice place, then we can go and show off, k? Hehe...


fluotone said...

the days... when im sooooo lazy to blog :)

love you sweetheart. Good post!

Jiawen said...

uh-huh lazy bum! :P Love you too

fluotone said...

you're not dumb was my suggestion anyway. sorry.