Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lazy Bug Syndrome

Note: Sorry la...didn't think that it would be difficult to read without paragraphs. Hehe...there you go!

Yes, people...I've been infected with the horror of all horrors, the disease of all diseases: the Lazy Bug Syndrome!! Oh nooooo!!! *B: Cue the psycho music* Hehehe...

*sigh* Ya's almost the end of the semester already, what to do? Let's see how many classes I've missed this week alone, 1, 2, 3! Yay...not that bad also la, right? Considering the fact that I hardly miss any classes, 3 classes in a week is not that bad la! :P

The thing is, the Malaysian tertiary education is really a killer. My ex-room mate who is a Japanese complained that studying in Malaysia is very stressful because of the many weekly tasks, presentations and assignments, and also the tests and examinations! She told me that in Japan, they work hard to get into a University and then it's a breeze for them, as they only have an examination at the end of the term.

My current roomie (a Korean) also said that they only have an assignment per subject and an examination at the end of the term in Korea. In Malaysia? Just count...even in colleges, I think there are plenty of assignments. See, this semester, I am taking 7 subjects. Excluding TITAS and my 2 credit hour elective course, I have 5 subjects which have an average of 2.5 assignments each. And that is excluding the weekly and mini-tasks, and examination at the end of the semester! Crazy right? I don't even know how am I going to survive my final semester where I would have to take 7 subjects again but no light subjects like TITAS or my current 2 credit hour course!

And you wondered why Malaysian students are always doing last minute work? That is because with all the mini-tasks and what-nots, we do not have the time to do our assignments! Many people told me that their University life was the best time of their lives...I wondered if their Uni life was in Malaysia. Like I mentioned in one of my old posts, I could only see my elder brother and eldest sister who studied overseas enjoying their Uni life. My dearest sister who studied in MMU had no life at all and me? well, you can say that I'd rather not think about my Uni of M days after I graduate!

Back to my point of being infected with the very serious disease, I hope it goes away soon because I have 2 more assignments due next week, another due the week after and exams coming soon! Oh NOOOOO... I think I'd better go take a nap to calm myself down now. Ahaks! >.<

Good luck in your coming examinations, Malaysian undergraduates!

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fluotone said...

LAZY BUUUUUGGggggg...... love you hehehe