Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Viet Passion in Raja Chulan Square

I've had wanted to post these photographs for a long time, but I kept forgetting. Nothing much, just some which I took with my lousy Nokia 6111 cameraphone. Brian and I would sometimes indulge ourselves and have dinner in places which we've not been to before. Sometimes, if I remember, I'd take photographs of the food or drinks which we (or I) have not seen or tried before BEFORE we have dug in. Hehe...here are some interesting food/drink photographs in Viet Passion in Raja Chulan Square. It says Vietnamese Fine Dining. It has a nice ambience and decor but give me the food from the hawker stalls in SS2 anytime:

Sorry for the low quality photograph. You can see the bar at the far end and the emptiness of the restaurant at 7+ p.m. on a weekday.

The rice dish that was recommended. I don't remember what the dish is called though coz we had it a couple of months ago. But...since I don't recommend the place anyway, so I won't bother with knowing the name of the dish if I were you. :P

The drink that I had was full of little seeds that look like frog's eggs. Looks nice but taste erm...unique.

This was the appetizer that we had. Looks good and tasted not too bad either. But I don't know what vegetable they put in the roll of white thing but it tasted bad.

I don't remember which dish this came with, but I think we were supposed to wrap it with one of the appetizers. There were some mint leaves and don't-know-whats. Hehe...Looks nice though, don't you think?

This is all for the time being. Need to ask Brian to help me transfer some more photographs from my phone to the computer. Next set of photographs would probably be posted in a few months' time. For the time being, enjoy the photographs of good-looking but not very good-tasting food!! Hehehe...have fun!

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Adrian said...

Food....hmmmm not my speciality and honestly i haven't even tried vietnamese food ^_^..although i did try a little ukrainian, russian, tartarian, korean, hungarian, arabian and im not sure if i've tried polish..but neway..i could recommend plov + shaslik though (its russian).. =D