Friday, March 23, 2007

Random complaints

The last few weeks have been crazy! I've never been fond of group work, but that seems to be the preferred working method for University lecturers! This one, group work...that one pair work...*sigh*. If we were able to choose our own group members, I wouldn't be so annoyed. I just had one of the worst experiences with group work ever! First, my notorious group mate did not turn up for a class which we might have very well been chosen to present, then my other group mate was late for our presentation! Not only that, my presentation was like $hit because I jumbled up my points mid-way through. *SIGH* Can't wait to graduate and leave all these group work and presentation behind me!
Speaking of which, many of my friends have graduated or would be graduating this year. Looking at their situation now, I can't really say I envy them. Those who are working are earning peanuts (haha...sorry la, but am just writing down what you yourself told me); those who haven't graduated are already worrying that they wouldn't be able to secure a job. Life sux, doesn't it?
Can't wait for the two months' break and for the Australia trip!! Yay....Brian, Willie and I have finally confirmed our trip to Aussie in June! It's burning a hole in my pocket (and I am likely to be singing in the tunnel in KLCC to earn extra income soon!) but it is something that I have always wanted to do before I get bogged down by work. Will update about it later. For the time being, it's back to doing my group assignment! *SIGH*

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Jen said...

yea, we've all had our fair share of group members from hell. but well, thats how life's gonna be on the outside innit? at least you're not the slacker and they wont blame you. heh.

oh and thanks for dropping by =)