Thursday, April 19, 2007


Ok...tke 1 gue wht key oen't work on my keybor? I unno why it lwy i like thi, it lo hppen to the eybor t home. mybe it' becue we re too rough on it? hh...

nwer revel lter when it work gin

Ok...nobody seemed to want to guess (or maybe you guys can read what I wrote anyway?). Sigh anyway, the answer is revealed below. Highlight the following and you will see what is written above. Hehe...let you guys have a bit of a suspense ma. :P

The keys that do not work are: a, s, d, and f

What was written:
Ok...take 1 guess what key(s) doesn't (grammartical error, sorry) work on my keyboard? I dunno why it always is like this, it also happens to the keyboards at home. Maybe it's because we are too rough on it? haha...

answer (will be) reveal(ed) later when it works again.

Hehe...have a great day!!

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melwin said...

is it a n s?